Possible #OnTheWingsOfLove Endings by Didi

Okay, I will just put it out there. My head is swimming with ideas on the possible finale.  So, here are some ideas! Makikigulo ako.. But first, let me say – that these are all just MY ideas, nothing etched in stone, you know – just throwing it out there. I TRUST & BELIEVE in the scriptwriters and directors. But before the series ends, let me enjoy – indulge me if you will.  These endings are INSPIRED by these movies and stories.  They not necessarily have the exact same ending. Please leave a comment, let me know what you think!!

Ending # 1:  Love Affair/Sleepless in Seattle I sooooo love the movie – Love Affair.  I was excited and heartbroken but I loved loved loved how these movies ended.  Love endures, LOVE WINS!  Meant to be….. I say this because remember the line Nanang Rona says all the time?  Kung mahal ka, babalikan ka.  So I feel that this ending might be possible. NO – no one will figure in an accident, but instead of an accident, maybe something unexpected happens.  Forces of nature or something else happens for them not to meet at that agreed time and place.  Pride hinders them not to look for one another again. I remember Clark saying in an old episode – that it might not be the right time for them yet.  MAYBE it’s still not.  But we all hope it is.  I do believe in TIMING.  Everything in His perfect time. This answers the X number of years after. Ending # 2:  Forget Paris He works, she’s miserable.  She works, he’s miserable.  Careers of both Leah and Clark are making the relationship not work.  Leah is busy all the time, she can’t stop working because it makes her happy and she’s up for the promotion.  Clark can’t stop working because he’s building their future nest egg.  They break up eventually because certain circumstances are beyond their control.  They always look back to what they had in San Francisco but it’s never the same.  And that point, no one is willing to let go of their careers.  They just break up, leaving everything hanging – they go on with their respective carriers but are visibly miserable without each other. After X number of years, friends and family are determined to bring them back together.  Little do they know that fate has intervened and they eventually meet again (without help from anyone) – and realize that they can’t stand it without each other.  That life won’t be the same without one another.  They get back together. The clincher is – they were never formally divorced/annulled.  So, they’re still married!! Ending # 3:  Paradise (book by Judith McNaught) No one gets pregnant and miscarries.  No family is against one another.  Only that both Leah and Clark concentrate on their respective careers separately (I don’t want to entertain the thought that they are/were involved with other people)  They feel that they have something to prove to one another – and after x number of years and being able to make a name for themselves – the go to back to where they first met, unaware that they both were thinking of the same thing.  They bump into one another and boom.  All the feelings, past conflicts, hurts & betrayals have come back again only to realize that despite being *angry* at one another for so long – they still LOVE each other. Ending # 4:  #WalangForever NOT the same ending.  But the gist that they are each other’s inspirtation in their careers.  Leah strives to be better because she is inspired by Clark’s hard work.  Clark is inspired by Leah’s love for her family.  What is sacrificed is their relationship.  Both are not willing to give up their careers for their families.  They break up.  Move on with their lives. Fate brings them together .  They realize what they’ve lost but feel it’s too late to mend what was broken.  They spend time together as friends – reminiscing (delikado ito parati pag nagre-reminisce) then one realizes that the love was always there and it was never gone.  They remember the good things that happened and now – since they’re both stable and established in their own careers, they get back together.


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