When your change is – KULANG..

I really hate it when retailers don’t give you the exact correct change.  What I hate more is that they expect you to understand without informing you that it’s kulang!  They will just hand you the change and be silent.  I’ve often asked these cashers why their change is kulang and they will just reply with ‘Wala po kaming sukli eh!’  or they will just give you more – just to silence you.  To me, that is not the point.  The point is – inform us that it is kulang.  I would appreciate it more and disregard the fact that it was kulang.

Case in point:

I know it’s a teeny tiny amount – but my point is, will a cashier accept it if our payment was kulang?  Of course not, right?  They will demand that we pay in the right amount or not buy the item at all!  So, the same logic goes for me – demanding the correct change.  I called the attention of the cashier on this – and she looked at me with apologetic eyes and said that she didn’t have change for it.  I then asked her to call her supervisor.  When her supervisor arrived – I told her the situation – I told that if the change was kulang, all the cashier would need to do is tell the customer that it’s kulang, apologize and hand the change.  Her answer surprised me actually – she said that during training, these cashiers were told instructed that if the change was kulang – they were to round off the amount to the nearest 5cents.  That meant for a change of 23cents – the cashier should hand you 25cents and so forth!  So ayun naman pala!  If that was the instruction – why did the cashier just give me 20cents?  Argh!! Frustration!  The cashier said – she ‘forgot’  sigh… lapses again!

I’ve had previous experiences with Candy Corner handing me change that is kulang by P5.00 because they didn’t have coins!  Limang piso din yun!!  It will be practically alright for me to let it go, if they practiced giving discounts of the same amount when we purchase from them right?  But that NEVER happens!

My point is – inform us, if its kulang.  We would understand!  Tell us and don’t just push the kulang change to us and be silent!  Put yourselves in our position, what would you feel?  Sigh….

Why do we even have those alanganin na denominations?  I mean why if there is no legal tender to split them out?  Why not create 1cents to make everything EXACT?  Dagdag bawas?


Update:  June 11, 2014

This too, happens in the bank!  Of all places, in a bank right?  Well because our country doesn’t really have loose change that the 1cents!  Its really sad to be honest.  Look at this deposit slip – the amount was P4,822.42 – I gave my messenger the amount of P5,000.00 and the change that was given back to him was just P177.50, so where did the 8cents go?  I’m sure that in a bank they would have 5cents right?  Bank yan eh!  Yet, they only gave this much change.  Without informing my messenger.  Siyempre, my messenger will not question – they feel it’s not in their capacity as messengers to call the attention of the tellers.  But still – the issue is the change is not EXACT, the change is KULANG!  Imagine the hundreds of transactions these banks and retailers have daily, they give you the less than the correct change – so for them, its an earning.  Imagine the teeny tiny amount, and the multiply that by the number of transactions in a day, and then multiply that amount to the number of days in a year!  It’s small but imagine the magnitude of a bank!  How many tellers do they have per branch?  How many branches do they have in the whole country?  UNBELIEVABLE!!

I’d like to know who should be report to about this issue??


  1. Unknown

    oh my wife is just like you when it comes to sukli, she will really wait for the cashier to open again the cash register or even wait for the change. She keeps on saying the same thing.. kapag nagbayad ka ng kulang hindi nila accept..so she needs the exact change too. She keeps 5 and 10 centavo coins sa purse nya,

  2. Badet | The Misis Chronicles

    That's why I love Hitop, hehe, may sukli down to the last cent.

    Sa bank naman, the teller asks me if ok lang iround off na lang yung payment para wala ng cents, which is ok for me kasi maccredit naman sa akin yun.

    I remember my friend, sa fastfood yun, sabi ng cashier, "Mam okay lang po kulang ng 25 cents?" My friend answered, No. Ayun, taranta ang cashier sa 25 cents.

  3. Didi

    Hi Carlos! Your wife has a point really. I also do the same and give them the stare. My point is, let us know that the change is kulang. Ganon lang ka simple. For them kasi parang its nothing eh, since I guess – hindi nila pera right? But still! I do the same too! It's a hassle though, but alam mo yun, practice what you preach! Hahaha.. I was shocked though, na it was a policy pala na to give to the nearest 5cents!

    Thanks for dropping by!

    Love, Didi

  4. Didi

    Hi Badet! I've had a few experiences with Hi-Top din. I think depende sa kahera. More often than not, magsasabi sila na kulang change. Which is good enough for me.

    Sa bank naman, I think if you are dealing with ATMs and checks – walang problem yung hindi exact eh. Pero kasi if you use cash to deposit to another account, wala na yun! Kung hindi mo makuha sukli mo, goodbye! Ang gusto ko malaman, kasi for sure OVER yan sa bilangan ng kahera, does she keep it or irereport niya? Hmmmmm….

    Nako, pag 25cents and piso – di rin ako papayag! Hahahaha… Kasi di naman rin naman sila pumapayag na kulang ang bayad eh!!!

    Love, Didi

  5. Jhanis

    I get pissed when this happens. Just like you said, they will never accept our payment if we lack even a few cents! The prob is I always let them get away because I don't want to make a big thing out of it, kaso parang it has become a trend since they get away with it. Moving forward, I will demand the exact change na talaga!

  6. KV

    I think this is a pet peeve of most people! And it's true what you said. Hindi naman nila tatanggapin bayad natin kung kulang, why should we accept the change na kulang din? Ako, I just say, "Excuse me, kulang yung sukli," and show them the amount they gave me. Some cashiers round up, so kunwari 0.75 dapat sukli sa'kin, nagiging P1. But some, typically, say na wala silang barya. If I'm not in a good mood, I end up saying, "Sorry, di ko problema yun," and wait for the change. Otherwise, I'd say in a nicer way, "Hindi ka ba makakahingi sa manager niyo?" Money is money.

  7. firstwivesclub

    Ay nako, pet peeve ko din yan. Lalo na sa big supermarkets like SM and Robinsons – both of which own banks. And yung basta lang walang isusukli na 25 cents or minsan more pa nga, kasi wala silang barya. Sana man lang magtanong. May mga matitino, they give you more, like P1.00 kahit dapat 25 cents lang. Ako pa ang mahihiya at ibabalik ko. But rare yun.

  8. Didi

    Jhanis! You need to DEMAND! Let them weasel their way out! Tingnan mo how they will react and manage the situation.

    Love, Didi

  9. Didi

    KV – totoo!! MOney is money. But I have a thought, diba nagbabalanse sila ng kaha nila? Does it mean kung may extra – sa pockets nila mapupunta? Or do they report them? Hmmm….

    Ang di ko matanggap is sa bank! For heaven's sake – you're a freaking BANK! Don't tell me kulang diba??!!

    Love, Didi

  10. Didi

    Kaye! Parehas tayo, nahihiya din ako kaya sinosoli ko. But I guess dapat hindi tayo mahiya!!!

    Love, Didi

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