Weddings and Reminiscing..

My Panget and I attended his cousin’s wedding.

Let me be honest, I love weddings – I don’t know why.  I get teary eyed, smile from ear to ear and get giddy with happiness.  The only explanation for this is that – I remember how happy my wedding day was for me.

With the couple’s entrance song, I was taken back to my wedding day – because the song they played, was the song used by the magical Pat Dy with his photo slideshow during my wedding last year.

I couldn’t help but reminisce the song, the wonderful photo slideshow and what transpired that day.  I am sharing with you the lyrics & and video of the song:

Ripe by Ben Lee

The moon sheds light across the end of the bed
You made me wait but now I’m touchin? your leg
And I remember all the little things you said
Quesadillas made with cheese and a rock band who were Japanese

So for once in my life
I saw what I wanted and took a bite
I picked the fruit from the tree
And it was ripe

Your love got big, your jokes got worse each afternoon
Like bacon at a Bar Mitzvah, like a lead balloon
And who?s to say what really happened in that room each day
I was lookin? for a bride, you were lookin? for a groom

So for once in your life
You saw what you wanted and took a bite
You picked the fruit from the tree
And it was ripe

And all you people are the heroes I?ve known
We’re staring off the edge into the unknown
We are not there yet but we cannot got home
So we cry and we sing, yeah, I remember everything

How for once in our lives
We saw what we wanted and took a bite
We picked the fruit from the tree
And it was ripe

And it was ripe
And it was ripe
And it was ripe

I know its a long shot but.. I would like to go back in time and relive my wedding day, because it was the calmest I have ever been.  No worries, no problems – just smiles and laughter all day.  I let the day unfold and surprise me.

Congratulations Eric & Made!! 🙂
We love you!!


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