Fish & Co’s NEW items..

I’ve actually only been to Fish & Co. once and I loved their fish and chips.  My only complaint was that it was very expensive – for a fish and chips, but man it was really good.  Their tagline, the best fish and chips in town – is very true.

Last Thursday night, I was invited by friends Tita Jane and Carlo to try out their new items on the menu that were non-fish, which were chicken and lamb.

The dishes were good, the pasta side dishes were even better!  Hahaha..  I especially liked the pasta side dish of the Breaded Chicken Piggyback, it was really good!

The best Fish & Chips in town..

Breaded Chicken Piggyback

 Grilled Lamb Chops

Shrimp and Chicken Breast Al Pesto

Thanks to Fish & Co for stuffing us with a superb meal!!

Hurry and visit the nearest Fish & Co. to sample their new dishes!


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