Election Fever Giveaway!!

I’m going to be a bit PATRIOTIC today. Last Monday, we did something historic.  We voted for someone we believed it.  My choice may not be the winner, but I will place my FULL SUPPORT to the president-elect, because I respect the mandate of the people. I hope we can all move forward and do our parts in making the nation great.  Change begins in us. In line with this – I am feeling very positive.  I can’t explain it and so I want to share the positivity by hosting a GIVEAWAY!! Here they are:

There will be two (2) winners and these winners will NEED TO PICK UP these prizes in Quezon City.  Please do not ask me to ship to you for free.  Kindly do your part, as you’ve already won, right?  If you are from the province, you can still join as long as you can authorize someone to pick up the price in Quezon City. So, what are the mechanics? Leave the following details on the comment section: a)  LUX or Innisfree (pick only ONE) b)  Name c)  Valid Email Address (one that you open OFTEN) d)  URLs of your Social Media Shares (FB & Twitter) @candishhh is giving away Lux Body Washes and an Innisfree Sample Kit!  Join NOW! http://candishhh.blogspot.com/2016/05/election-fever-giveaway.html e)  Answer this:  What changes are you willing to do to make our country better? You have until Saturday – May 14 to join!


  1. Rocel A. Villasis

    a) LUX
    b) Rocel A. Villasis
    c) rocelalba[at]yahoo.com
    d) twitter.com/rocelalba/status/730310684949368832
    e) I will start supporting an organization that helps send children to school, and donate blood to the Red Cross (I've never!). 🙂

  2. Unknown

    Rain Gatdula

    Simple. Just always obey the rules. The changes come itself first.

  3. Anna A.

    a) LUX
    b) Anna Adona
    c) anneadona[at]gmail.com
    d) facebook.com/luckyzoran/posts/1910700575823189
    e) Nowadays, so many dissenting opinions are being aired by people from all walks of life. Peaceful and sensible exchanges of ideas are rare, especially in social media. I am willing to be open to diverse viewpoints and engage in respectful discussions.

  4. Unknown

    a) Innisfree
    b) cherry tan
    c) felizima16[at]gmail.com
    d) facebook.com/cherry.tan.54966834/posts/1730073313930774?pnref=story
    e) take carpools to lessen the traffic. obey and help implement the new rules

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