Passport Renewal in a flash!!

We had our passports renewed thru Pilipinas Teleserv Inc.

Although the rate was a bit steep compared to the normal renewal – it was worth every cent!

1) They picked up our required documents
2) We breezed thru DFA in less than 8 minutes!

Pilipinas Teleserv Inc. people were everywhere – they were friendly – ever smiling and most of all courteous and willing to assist!

If you want a hassle-free renewal, sans falling in line and waiting for hours – renew with Pilipinas Teleserv Inc.!!

Rate: Php1,300.00 (Free pick-up of documents and delivery of new machine readable passport)


  1. Unknown

    This is great. I’ve been hearing tales of long lines, etc. Must have been just start-up blues!

  2. Didi

    Hi Em! There were long loooooong lines! Some were even asked to come back at 2pm and that was just around 8am.

    WE opted for the easier route – trade off was the price, but it was worth it! WE didn’t get to fall in line and wait! I suggest you avail of the service!

  3. Gita Asuncion

    thanks for sharing this, sis! i need to renew mine na din eh.

  4. Didi

    Hi Gita! If you have extra cash – Try mo this one – it’s super worth it! As in you won’t need to fall in line talaga!! Hassle FREE talaga..

  5. Unknown

    Ooh, nice tip. Not bad, gas money tapos meal pa (breakfast and then lunch). We’d end up ganun rin ang gastos. At least this is hassle free.

    Thanks, Di!

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