Chateau Hestia

When going to Tagaytay – it’s almost always that we dine at Antonio’s – I gather since we travel far and long (yes, it’s a long travel for me!) we deserve to treat ourselves with good quality food. And so when my Panget told me that we were having Sunday lunch at Tagaytay – I immediately assumed Antonio’s.

But I was wrong – we were going to a new place called Chateau Hestia. I searched the blog I go to for food – and when I hit the search button. I found an entry! Coolness! At least there’s one person who’s been there! Since it was fairly new – I was a bit excited!

To be very honest, when going to this place – PRINT A MAP! Hahaha.. We were almost lost going there – because of the heavy rains – thus not seeing the street signs! But we got there – and when we got there – the place was impressive. It was small and very private. The walkway going to the dining area was quite nice actually – but not while it’s raining! The welcoming area was quite cozy – the kids got comfy with the place! Hehehe..

Love the walkway…

Dining Area..
Kids getting comfy!

The garden..

The owner/host was very friendly and warm – he immediately introduced himself and welcomed us in. He explained to us the set menu for the day – and also added that there was an ala carte menu.

We ordered the Chicken Veluta and the Osso Bucco, the Potato and Leek soup and the Carrot and Celery soup.

Potato and Leek Soup

The soup was very tasty – I loved the texture and the temperature of the soups was just perfect! ( It rained and you know it’s nice to have soup on a rainy day – right?!)

real German beer..

Since my Panget wasn’t driving – he opted to try one of the German beers being sold

Chicken Velluto

As for the Chicken Velluto – well, it was just alright – nothing fancy! My Panget’s SIL told me to order this dish because it’s supposed to be prepared better than a paprika chicken. The chicken was just alright – the sauce was good but I wanted more (I’m a sauce person..) The mashed potatoes were also good!

Osso Bucco

As for the Osso Bucco – my Panget just liked it – in his own words – ‘it’s not bad!’ I tasted the sauce and it was delish – I think it would be better paired with rice – but that’s just me! Hahaha..

We didn’t get to order any dessert because we were full already! And my Panget’s SIL made one!! And since it was mother’s day – we were given 2 orders of Panna Cotta – for the 2 mothers that we had on the table.. My Panget loved it – while I liked the texture.

Chocolate Cake by Chef Sasa

Up close..

As for the price – you can say they’re quite alright – I mean for the food that was served – it wasn’t as expensive as I thought.

‘s the map – it was sent to me by my Panget’s sister. Looks like the same of Anton’s, thus I’m crediting them both. Thanks guys!! 🙂


  1. Didi

    Hi Nina! Unfortunately – I HATE chocolates! Weird no?

  2. Didi

    Hi Kim! Be prepared to spend at least Php500.00 per person. Not bad diba?! 🙂

    Sakai – Where is that?

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