Product Review: Tangle Angel Baby brush

Kailee has long hair and it’s a task to brush it.  Well, because every after shower time or after a playing – her hair gets so tangled up that I sometimes wish she had shorter hair.  We honestly don’t use a brush – we use a comb for her hair.  You may ask why a comb?  Well, we received a LOT of combs as gifts!  I don’t want to buy a *special* brush for her hair, hihi.  The combs that we use have been functional, small and handy.  But you know what?  The bristles have broken easily because of the many tangles of Kailee.  Well, the combs that we have were not of *superior* quality, but not to worry since we have a lot.  Hahaha!!  I then have a hard time cleaning the bristles of the comb, I use a tooth brush and most of the time, it’s not enough – I need to use tissue or wipes and insert it in between the bristles to clean!  Hassle!!

During the last quarter of last year – I received this very cute and pink Tangle Angel Baby.

Pink is Kailee’s favorite color, so easily – when she saw it, she immediately called it hers!  Well, it’s her to begin with (anyway).  I personally found it really nice – one – it’s small, two – it’s handy.  But what worried me was that since it was small – would it do it’s job in brushing her hair?  I tried it to test – and I am happy to report that even for my type of hair – the adult type of wavy hair – this particular brush has done it’s job.  I couldn’t believe it because I don’t feel the bristles on my scalp, yet – it manages to comb through my hair – impressive!

So during a planned trip to Tokyo.  I decided to just bring this brush for Kailee.  Since it had a key ring, I put it on her bag – just so I can remember where to look for it when I needed it.  

As we were to land in Narita, I took the brush from her bag and began brushing Kailee’s hair.  Normally we’d experience some sort of static – I don’t know why, but while brushing Kailee’s hair, there was no static!  Her hair had become easy to brush!  I was experiencing hair static as well, so I tried the brush to see for myself it it works.  And it DOES WORK!! I used it everyday Kailee and I used it everyday – yes, when I dried her hair or styled her hair.  I was so happy because I didn’t need to worry about the bristles breaking on the combs that I use!  Plus, it’s very easy to clean – I can twist and flatten the bristles without worry!

I have a confession.  I never put back Tangle Angel Baby in Kailee’s bag, instead I put it in my bag.  Hahaha!!  That’s for the selfish reason that it will be within MY reach when I needed it.  Hahaha!!

Here’s a video of Kailee enjoying her Tangel Angel Baby at home.  Connor even joined in the fun!  Hahahaha…

Since we’ve been back.  I keep our pink Tangel Angel Baby here at this spot.  So I can remember it easily and see it all the time!  Whenever it’s not in that place – I panic and ask the helpers to look for it.  And they find it amongst Kailee’s things.  Hahahahaha!!!

Why do I recommend Tangel Angel Baby?  Simply because the bristles do not break!  It’s small, compact – easily located because of its color and there’s a key ring!  And also because it has anti-microbal properties and also anti-static (I hate hair that frizzes because of static) You can very easily clean this brush without worrying that it’ll break or snap!  And most importantly – it’s super easy to use, your hair becomes tangle free (eventually), and very handy.  I’m very happy to have found a brush with all the qualities of a good brush!

Available in all Browhaus  & Strip Manila branches. Here’s my post when I tried waxing for the first time (Strip Manila)


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