Happy Birthday Connor!

Three years ago on a Monday, I gave birth to Connor.  It so sudden as I was scheduled to give birth a week later.  But since I was experiencing labor pains, my OB suggested that I go the hospital immediately – she was there and she can gauge the progress of the labor.

I went to the hospital thinking that I was going to be sent home.  I think I was in the hospital by 11:30am.  I remember walking up the narrow stairs to the second floor of Cardinal Santos and knocking on the labor room.  Within minutes, I changed into the the hospital gown and was lying on the bed.  A few minutes later, my OB came in to do an IE. We need to do the CS now. That’s what she said.  I looked at her blankly.  When I came to my senses, I immediately called my Panget.  I told him that I was in the hospital and that I need to go to CS na.  That the staff was going to prep me na.  My Panget said to tell my OB if she can wait for an hour till he got to the hospital.  My OB said that she needs to do the prep and that she’s sure that my Panget would make it on time. The next person I called was my mom to tell her I was going to go CS na and then the last person I spoke to was Kath.  I told her I was giving birth that time and that I was being wheeled in to the delivery room as we spoke.  Haha!  I then received a call from my mom telling me to tell my OB to try and have the baby out by 12:30PM.   She said she will try but can’t promise.  The next thing I remember was that I met a different anesthesiologist.  The one I wanted wasn’t available immediately.  I only had this to say to him *Please knock me out.*  he said *Ay wag ija! You should be somehow lucid to experience the birthing process* to which I replied with conviction *Doc, gusto ko pa magkaron ng isa pang anak, ayoking ma-traumatize, just knock me out.  I want it that way* And in seconds, I was knocked out cold. What I remember next was that I was being woken up.  When I did, my OB said – *Baby out at 12:28!  Totoo yan, the staff are all witness to it! Nakuha ko yung gusto mong time na before 12:30PM!*  And then I fell asleep again.  I don’t know how long the interval was, but I was being woken up again and I heard my Panget voice whispher *Shoty’s out, I barely made it*  A few seconds later, I met shoty.  I was too drugged that fell asleep again. Today, we celebrate Connor’s 3rd birthday. It was been three years filled with smiles, cries, screams and running after you.  You are my ray of sunshine even if Dada is your favorite.  You know that you can melt my heart with one charming smile and a hug.  I didn’t know that my heart was capable of getting bigger until I met you! Thank you for making me smile and laugh a lot. I love you forever!  You will always be my Gwapito Batman Bryce!! Remember, Mama is your… FIRST LOVE!  Hahaha… 🙂 P.S.  Don’t break my heart ha..


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