Tapella Signature Sangrias and Tapas!

Sangria – what comes to mind is the commercial of a Sangria that was sold in the late 80’s or early 90’s.  I assumed that it was a drink for ladies because of the commercial that showed women dancing flamenco.  Any of you remember that commercial or brand?

Later on I learned that Sangria is an alcoholic drink that contains fruits!  Fruits with alcohol – that seems to be a good combination, right?  And it is a wonderful combination.

A few weeks ago, I was invited to try Tapella’s signature Sangrias and new Tapas!  We were hosted by the lovely Alexandra and were treated to a lovely sampling.

Presenting the newest offerings from Tapella!!

Cuchara de Erizo de Mar (Uni Spoons)
To be honest, this was my FIRST ever uni – in my life.  I do not know how to eat sushi/sashimis – it’s not that I dislike them, its that I never learned to eat them.  I was so nervous to try my first ever uni, but gosh.  This first uni was so good.  The texture was slimy, but I didn’t taste fishy (malansa) but was very smooth.  I think the cut up fresh tomatoes helped in the flavor.  I liked it instantly.  I was secretly hoping that I won’t dislike it, and I was so happy it didn’t disappoint!

Sandia Con Tomate
These are the MOST refreshing things ever!  The watermelon was so sweet because of the pinch of Maldon salt and the tomatoe roe gave it more texture!

Boquerones Caballa Al Vinagre Pintxo
This was the first dish that I tried.  I was very anxious because I had the impression that mackarel tasted fishy (malansa).  I had tried grilled mackarel before and did not like it.  But this particular dish, was nothing like what I ate before.  The mackarel tasted really fresh and was perfect with the texture of the toast.

Huevos Rotos Vieras Salteadas Y Camarones
I found this dish really interesting because it has a sunny side up egg in it!  You would be a bit confused when you see it because – there are shrimps and scallops!  I mean, what is the egg for?  But when you take a bite of this – its simply AMAZING!  I think this is my favorite dish because of how playful it was and the flavor – wow!  Individually, we already know that they’re good – but together, its a whole different thing!

Pintxo Trio
Who doesn’t love jamon serrano?  Who doesn’t love smoked salmon?  Who doesn’t love mini  Morrocan burger?  Everything about this dish is simply love.  This is the safest choice for those who are not adventurous and it doesn’t disappoint.  Maybe the only thing that is disappointing is that, you’d want more!!  Hahaha…

Scallops Dos Quesos
Manchego cheese…  That alone was so inviting!  This was such a delight to eat!  Scallops and cheese – what can go wrong with that combination?  I don’t need to say anything, just look at that dish.  Now, aren’t you salivating already??

The Rico J.
Yes, it is named after the famous Rico J Puno because he’s always at Tapella!  Since he has always requested for a stronger sangria – they created this with him in mind – thus, his namesake.  Funny fact, my Panget proposed to me while we were watching a Rico J concert on the boob tube in Sagada!

The Don Roberto
This is my favorite sangria because of the assortment of fruits!  I saw a slice of strawberry and instantly liked it!  Sorry, I’m biased, hahaha!  But seriously, this is the sangria that I liked the most.  I loved the taste, it was just perfect for me.

The Ronin Lychee Sangria
By the word Ronin alone, you’d think something Japanese, and you’re right!  This white sangria is infused with Sake!  This is a Eurasian creation that will refresh you with a hint and sweetness of the lychee.

This lovely sampling was made more special with old friends and new friends.  Tapella has indoor and outdoor dining spaces.  Come by and try out their restaurant!

Cheers, Tapella!

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  1. Jhanis

    Drooling over here! Everything looks good especially the Scallops Dos Quesos!

  2. Didi

    The scallops were HEAVEN!! 🙂
    Please do visit Tapella to try it!!

    Love, Didi

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