Maynilad Water Problems..

We’ve actually had water problems since February – March this year. 

It was such a hassle because we had no idea on when the water supply will be up and about.  So our helpers and my mom was on-guard, checking every how many hours.  One of our neighbors even gave up sleep of a night so as to find out when she will have water!!

It’s such a hassle.

But last May to June, the water supply was back to normal.

Last week, I’ve been reading complaints on Facebook – well because the water crisis is there again!  Apparantly, Angat dam’s water level is low so they’ve switched off supplying them to Maynilad.


Last Friday, Maynilad issued a ‘schedule’ for the water interruption.  We downloaded a copy and read it so that we’ll be somehow in the know.

But guess what, the schedule? NOT ACCURATE AT ALL!!

The schedule for the INTERRUPTION was supposed to be at 4PM till 11PM but our water supply was already gone 5AM Friday!!  We had water just yesterday at 4:30PM!!

And this morning at 6AM – the water supply was gone.. and until now.


It’s such a hassle!!!!!!!!

I’m SURE – I’m NOT the only one having the same problem!!!!!!!

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  1. Bean Bag Chair

    hi, ganda naman po ng pinost nyong blog tungkol sa Maynilad water problems..d ba po maraminang mamamayan sa maynila ang namumublema sa tubig..tnx for sharing

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