Thank you, Globe Telecom!!

I just received a special letter (sent over by LBC) over the weekend. When I opened it and read it, I thought it was a bogus letter! Another one of those misleading letters! So – the ‘complainant’ in me decided to give DTI a call to inquire and report on the fraudulent-ness of the letter.

I first called Globe Telecom to inquire – and as expected, I was told that the letter and the promo was indeed fraudulent.

I then called DTI and was told by the operator, that the DTI Permit number was not found. This made me more curious! I was then passed to the Promos department, my call was answered by a certain Rose , without asking the nature of the letter – she immediately told me ‘Basta kapag may letter, VALID na po yan’ How the hell did she know?! She didn’t even ask me for the DTI Permit number! So I insisted – amazingly – it was VALID! She then sounded eager to put the phone down – but I still questions. She was really reluctant to answer them. Luckily – I got her name! She told me a few details like the promo was from a Globe prepaid promo and adviced me to call the number on the letter.

I finally got to talk to Bianca (the undersigned) and she informed me that INDEED, I won a Nokia 2630!! 🙂 Cool right? It gets better! Since I am one of the winners – I have an option to win myself 100 units of Nokia 2630 – but the raffle will be done using a tambiolo with 10,000 balls – out of the 10,000 balls, there is only ONE ball that says that I’ve won 100 units of Nokia 2630. The other was called a consolation prize, meaning – I won’t need to pick a ball from the tambiolo – by waiving the right to join the ‘tambiolo’ contest, they will be giving me another Nokia 2630 phone! So all in all, I will be bagging 2 units of Nokia 2630!! Yehaaaaaa!!!

My choice was easy – it was getting the 2 phones immediately! I mean, my chances are very slim (even if I’m lucky) with the ‘10,000-balls’ pick the winning ball thingie right?! Bianca said that she will call me back to inform me when to pick-up the prizes! 🙂 Yehaaaaaaa!! 🙂

So there…

Thanks Globe Telecom! For picking my entry! 🙂


  1. Unknown

    Now I know what they say about being lucky in raffles and being unlucky in love isn’t true. You’re lucky at both. Congratulations!

  2. Oliboy's Adventures

    hmm hopefully it’s not another “astoria plaza” ploy… 🙂

  3. frannywanny

    congrats achi!! way to go!!

  4. Carren

    Congratulations! It’s an amazing story, I always tend to think those lotteries are bogus 🙂

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