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I am writing this as an entry to Anton‘s ‘What is your latest awesome journey to the Islands of the Philippines

the best tour group ever!

Corregidor Island
I never expected to fall in love with Corregidor. Its actually one of those places that’s not given its fair share of press. The place is unique and nostalgic! I love the fact that it’s untouched and real. Things happened on this island – and the charm for me is the rich history. I love visiting places with rich histories – and this one, well – it’s just a ferry boat away from Manila! Now, that’s convenient!

Aside from the charm of Corregidor – the journey was made extra awesome because of the following reasons: a) I won the trip! b) It was hosted by the Carlos Celdran c) The tour group was the best! Everyone got along and had a great time!


The trip up north was not easy, nor was it fast! It was 12 freaking hours! But the trip was worth it! Sagada is beautiful! I love the innocence of the place! It’s nature at its best! Hiking up and down the rice terraces (en route to Bumod-Ok falls) was one of the best experiences in my life, I mean never in my wildest dream did I imagine ever doing that! The cold weather, the quietness, the serenity of the place, the very warm people (especially Tita Mary!), the beautiful rice terraces are those are that makes Sagada such a lovely place to visit!

Now, what made this trip super duper awesome? Well, this is where my Panget proposed! 🙂

Airport shot..

For years, my good friend Carol has been trying to convince us to visit her – and last December, we did! I think one of the reasons is that the fare was made amazingly affordable! (Thank you Cebu Pacific!) I always asked Carol if she saw the Mayon Volcano on a regular basis – and honestly, I never remembered her answer! Upon disembarking – my friends and I were in awe. We couldn’t believe what we saw! It was literally Mayon Volcano! And it seemed very near to us! So to answer my question – yes, she did see Mayon Volcano on a regular basis!

We also visited the Naga – more specifically the Camsur Wakeboarding Complex – it was wonderful and world class! Accommodations were cheap, the food was also cheap! It was affordability (if there is such a word!) at its best! There were a lot of foreigners too, which honestly shocked me! I mean why are they here right? According to the charming Gov. LRey Villafuerte, foreigners stay at least 3 months in the complex – because it’s cheap and it’s the best wake boarding complex in the world! Nice.

So, what made this trip awesome? 1) I attended my first Simbang Gabi (in years!) in Bicolano and at the Penafrancia Church 2) It was my first local trip with my DLSU buddies 3) I successfully circled the wakeboard water route without falling off or letting go (does this make sense?) 4) I met Gov. LRey Villafuerte! (I was kidding with my friends that I emailed the governor (which I really did) and he would be meeting me – it was by chance that we met! Hahaha!)


  1. Serendipity

    I’m inggit w/ all your trips… I should start going local too. 🙂

  2. Didi

    Hi Sab! Go! There are a lot of great places in the country! 🙂

  3. Didi

    Hi Ellen! Thanks for dropping by! 🙂 You can make time for a vacation – you know you want to! Hehehe.. 🙂

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