Krispy Kreme on my mind..(and tummy!)

Last night, my Panget hand delivered a box of 1 dozen Krispy Kreme. Apparently, he had time to go and buy some for me. Thanks Panget!

When I got the box, I immediately sampled one – my god – it tasted delicious! All I could utter was ‘S*&^ ang saraaaaaaap!’ even my mom became curious and tried one. She said that it was good, soft but very very sweet. I love sweets! Except of course, chocolates (yikes.., I don’t like them at all!)

Here’s an image of the lone Krispy Kreme left from the loot my Panget gave me

I ate 2 1/2 pieces last night. Had 2 pieces for dinner. Had 1 piece right before lunch and now, I just finished my merienda piece.

Total count – 6 pieces (gosh, that’s half of the loot already!)

I don’t even want to count the calories anymore! Good thing, I’ll be attending Bikram Yoga later.. Hehehehe… 🙂


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