Bikram Yoga Part 2

Yesterday afternoon, I attended my 2nd Bikram Yoga class. I went with my mom, I somehow convinced her to give it a try – since she saw how much I sweated(is there such a word?) lst Saturday. We came in time for the briefing for beginners – I pointed my mom to go to Tristan so she’ll be briefed on what to expect.

Upon entering the studio proper, I already felt the heat – it was as if you entered a slightly heated oven. While I was positioning my and my mom’s yoga mat – I was already sweating! Take note: I was merely fixing the yoga mats in place. When we started the breathing exercises – I was already sweating like crazy! And there was more sweat as the session progressed. The towel that was on my yoga mat was so wet! I couldn’t believe it! The one infront of me was Patty Betita – the former model – she’s still very pretty and sexy ah! You can see from her outfit that she was also sweating – her tank top was changing it’s color! Yikes!

Since it was my second time – I was expecting the poses to become easier – unfortunately – I felt the opposite! It was harder to hold the poses! When last Saturday – I was able to balance and not fall on the other foot – this time – I kept falling! Damn! It seemed that I had to exert more effort in doing the poses. I also had to control my breathing – breathe in, belly rises, breathe out, belly drops.

I was checking out my mom from time to time to see how she was holding up. It seemed like she was doing okay. But at the end of the session, she told me she was struggling and felt like throwing up. She was constantly going back near the windows to breathe in cool air! ‘Ang hirap! But grabe ang pawis!‘ That’s the spirit mom! 🙂 Yeah! It’s a good thing she enjoyed yoga. Gooooood thing! It was a full body work-out, comparing it with going to the gym – you’ll just be working out a certain area for the same number of minutes.

I honestly am super bilib with Yoga. I mean for just 90 minutes – you’re sweating like crazy, plus you get to work out all your body parts!

I’ll definitely comeback (of course!) – I’m tempted to take the 30-day challenge, but whats more challenging is the rate of it. Sana may discount! Sana..


  1. oh captain my captain

    i hope your mom was not discouraged with Yoga. it’s really a good work out, keeps you balance, flexible and strong. I did yoga last night after 2 months ata, (kc daming school work) i hanged on to the poses, nanginginig nga lang legs ko, hehehe, and i had to learn the breathing again. hope we can do yoga together one of these days! ingat!

  2. ZiE ZiE

    Sis good for you and your mom, kasi you can attend bikram 🙂 I would love to attend, problem, no time talaga *sniff*

  3. Didi

    Hi Jake! Na-discourage na because of the heat! She had migrane for 2 days! Scary nga eh..

    Hi Zie Zie! Try it if you have time, kahit sa weekend!

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