Summer Must Haves..

I just got back from my Palawan trip. Here’s a list of must haves for those heading to the beach (or anywhere with water and sun invlolved) these items have been tried and tested by yours truly!! 🙂

VMV Armada Sunblock SPF 70
– this works like magic! It’s waterproof and can protect you from the sun’s harmful UV rays, plus it’s hypoallergenic, it carries no scent and is easily absorbed by the skin!
– Php1,400.00 (estimated)

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sunblock SPF 45
– it’s waterproof and ultra sheer – easily absorbed by the skin
– Php460.00 (USD9.00 –

Coppertone Waterbabies SPF 45
– the ever reliable sunblock for all skin types – kids and adults alike!
– Php390.00 (estimated)

Rubber Ducky Bag
– I was amazed to learn that this bag is locally manufactured! Where else can you find a waterproof bag that floats in water even if there are items inside?! Amazing? Get one!!
– Php620.00

Nivea Sun Tanning Oil SPF 4/5
– works like magic for those who want a golden tan! Just remember to put on sunblock first before lathering the tanning oil (to avoid burns)
– Php306.00 in Watsons

Hawaian Tropic Burn Relief Gel
– soothes the burns, lessens the pain too!
– Php300-500.00 (estimated)

Nivea Cooling After Sun Spray
– cools the burns instantly!
– Php300-400.00 (estimated)

Aquawallet for iPod and for cameras (bought from *5th Ave. Electronic City)
– want to take underwater pictures? and bring your iPod near the beach or drench it in water?? Here’s ‘the’ pack that serves such purpose – it’s affordable and durable!! 🙂 (I’ll supply pictures soon!!)
– Php900.00 – iPod Aquawallet
– Php600.00 – for digicams

Total Damage – around Php5,000.00 (you need not buy all the sublock! Pick one that will best suit you.. )


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