Perfectly Cooked Pearls & Bobas using the Instant Pot

Milk teas are something that holds meaning to me. Serenitea will ALWAYS be my first milk tea love. It was because of my love of milk teas that I met blogger friends turned real life friends who have helped me along the way.

This lockdown has introduced making milk teas at home. I know for a fact that pearl or bobas so hard to make. I know it entails a LOT of time and effort to make. My friend Mercy was craving – and she was telling us that she ordered a milk tea set – and she was able to make perfectly cooked pearls/bobas. I was amazed – and you know what she used? An #InstantPot!

These bobas are from @bobagirlph

Oh yeah, I have one – and I have been using one to make savory dishes. I have not yet attempted to make desserts, yet! Hahaha.. So yesterday, after an intense conversation with someone, I was driven to push my skills, patience and the #InstantPot machine. I thought – why not try making pearls/bobas?!

So I quested. Got myself ready and took the plunge. I was such a hot afternoon and I was sweating like crazy – but I was determined. I needed to escape from the physical heat I was feeling and some heated thoughts too. So here are the steps of cooking it:

Perfectly Cooked & Chewy Pearls and Bobas

You will need:
Uncooked Pearls/Bobas/Sago
*this will depend on how much you will consume
Water – there is no definite measurement, but make sure there’s a LOT of it
*there is NO SUCH THING AS TOO MUCH WATER in cooking these
Instant Pot

What to do:
1. Turn on your IP and press SAUTE
2. Pour water in the pot and wait for it to boil.
I’m sure you’ll ask – how much water, well I don’t have the exact
measurement. Just make sure to put a LOT. No, it won’t affect the
quality of the bobas.
3. When the water is boiling, put your uncooked pearls/bobas/sago in
4. Make sure to keep stirring or else the bobas will stick together
5. Stir until the mixture is boiling
6. Press CANCEL and put on the lid, make sure the steam valve is on sealing
7. Press PRESSURE COOK (or MANUAL for some machines)
8. Set the timer for 15 minutes
9. When timer is done, do quick release the open the lid
10. Give it a quick stir and scoop out the cooked pearls/bobas/sago into a
separate container
11. Add brown sugar to the perfectly cooked pearls/bobas/sago
*You can adjust the taste depending on your preference.

There you have it!
Easy, perfectly cooked and chewy pearls/bobas/sago for your DIY milk tea!

Want to buy your own Instant Pot? Here’s a link in Lazada –


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