Cooking Quest with #HeinzAsianSauces: Chicken in Claypot

Cooking is something that I like to do.  If I only had so much time on my hands, I would cook everyday.  My kids like my cooking (I’m so glad they do!) and it really warms the heart when they tell me that what I made them is good!  But I’m a creature of habit, so I tend to make the same dishes over and over again with some tweaks here and there.  Good thing though, that my kids are kinda like me.  Haha!  So once in a while, they will ask me to cook ‘that’ chicken dish.  Problem is, which chicken dish!  Hahaha..  So I went Asian this time.

I don’t usually follow a recipe when I cook fast meals.  I just look at what I have and just wing it.  No definite measurement, most of the time – I just do it by taste and by mood.  I’ll make a list of ingredients at the end of the post, so you’ll have an idea.  Hehehe..  Recently, I was given #HeinzAsianSauces to try and I decided to cook with it last weekend.

I find chicken dishes very forgiving, so it’s usually my go to ‘meat’ to cook with, plus my children love chicken more than pork.  My chicken part of choice is always thighs and thigh fillets, they’re more juicy and easy to cook.  For this meal, I wanted it to be easy – so I decided, a rice topping of sort.

So I cut up the 5 pieces of chicken thigh fillets into cubes – there is no definite size as long as it’s bite size.  I drizzle some corn starch on it (my mom taught me that cornstarch makes the chicken ‘softer’) season with a little salt, white pepper and add some #HeinzGoldenMarkSoySauce.  I mix them very well and set it aside.  I then sliced a medium onion (the size may vary depending on your taste, we like onions, so a medium size is perfect), you may slice it whatever way – but I suggest to dice it so it’ll blend in the dish.  

Saute your onions until fragrant and then toss the chicken and saute until cooked.  Please do a taste test because I had to add more soy sauce and a bit of the #HeinzBlendedSesameOil.  Toss and mix very well so the flavors will be infused.  Then lastly, add about 4 to 5 cloves of pounded garlic to the mixture and stir fry until fragrant.

To serve, I chose to serve it on a claypot – para may presentation.  Hahaha!!  So place cooked white rice in the claypot, put the cooked chicken on top of the rice.  Place the claypot on the stove on high heat and wait till you hear crackling.  When you hear crackling – turn off the fire and carefully take the claypot off the stove and serve as is.

Let me know what you think when you’ve tried this!

Here are the ingredients:

5 pieces (or more) of Chicken Thigh Fillets (cubed into bite sizes)

Cooking Oil

Onion (diced)

Garlic (pounded)

Heinz Golden Mark Soy Sauce

Salt and Pepper to taste

Heinz Blended Sesame Oil

White Rice and a claypot


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