Geena’s Deliciously Rich Chocolate Cake

I am not a chocolate person.  It was only when 8 years ago that I started to appreciate chocolates – the brown ones I mean.  I prefer white chocolate, but some say that it’s really NOT chocolate per se.  But I started my appreciation with chocolate during a pregnancy craving while I was pregnant with Kailee.  I would eat certain chocolate cakes and drink hot chocolate. I like my chocolate cakes sweet.  I’ve tried so many ‘the best’ chocolate cakes but most of them are a bit bitter.  I think it’s really me – because a chocolate enthusiast will appreciate the more bitter darker chocolates, am I right?  So I’m the pretend chocolate fan.  Hahaha! I can admit that.  Hihi.. My in laws are chocolate lovers.  They like and appreciate anything chocolate.  So during our usual family dinner, I thought to bring a chocolate cake from somewhere we haven’t ordered before.  I saw on Leslie’s (shootfirsteatlater) and Jin’s (jinlovedtoeat) IG feed – Geena’s Chocolate Cake.  They were raving about it and it looked really interesting and good!  To be honest, it wasn’t very appealing to me – because ‘not much of a chocolate fan’, but then I made a mental note to remember it for the benefit of my in laws and for future reference.  Hihi.. So I ordered and the very nice person at the other end of the mobile number was very kind to accommodate my quite last minute order.  (Thank you!!) I sent the order from, made payment and waited the next day for my order to come.  I ordered the 10×14 and it cost Php1,650.00.   It was quite painless – our exchange was very fast and clear.  They deliver via Lalamove and so it was all the more convenient, I didn’t need to have it picked up!  Yey, right? When the order arrived, the cake was inside a pristine white box with a black ribbon and a tag that says Geena’s Cake Boutique.  When I opened the box – it looked so perfect!  I swear, it looked really chocolatey.  I was honestly a bit repelled since it was all brown!  Hahaha..  Look how perfect the ganache is – my reflection is there taking a photo (buking!)

So that night, when dessert time came – I did the first slice – and I knew I had to try it first, if it was dark chocolatey or if it was the kind of chocolate that I liked.  The slice was quite an experience, the cake knife dug into the ganache and I knew that I was cutting into the cake because of there was a bit of resistance.  This was the first corner slice:

Look at that gooey ganache and chocolate cake.  I was afraid honestly.  It looked really chocolate-y, I was hoping that it will be the right kind of chocolate that I liked!  Hahaha…  And when I took the first bite.  I was sooooo perfect for me!  The texture was exactly how I imagined a rich chocolate cake was to be, the ganache had the sweetness that wasn’t overly sweet.  I was honestly afraid that my in laws would think it too sweet!  I gave my panget a bite and he said it was good.  I got my father in law spoon full to try and he said it was good.  It was such a hit!  Kailee and Connor asked for slices too – and they were saying how yummy it was!  We even gave Shobe some to try and she kept going back to my Panget because she wanted more – she looked really cute and messy eating it. Look at what happened to the cake:

On our family dinners, my Panget and I usually take home the left over dessert.  It was always us and no one else.  But guess what happened – my SIL took home half of what was left!  Hahaha..  I think she loved it too!  See how good it was? When we got home, Connor asked for a slice.  I was reluctant but gave in.  The next morning, my Panget and I had it for breakfast – and by lunch time – our ‘take home’ was gone.  It was that good!

Try it if you haven’t. I can’t stop thinking about it.  Hahha! Thank you Geena’s Cake Boutique for sharing your creation!  We LOVED it so much!!


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