Honey Dijon Babys from Racks

I have been a fan of Racks since they first opened.  Their meats are wonderfully charred and are so flavorful.  Honestly, I forgot how good their ribs are, until I had a taste of them again last night! Last night, I went with the kids and my Panget.  I’m really glad that my kids liked the baby back ribs and they were eating them fast!  We tried Rack’s holiday offering – the Honey Dijon Babys.

Focus on the meat and the flavor.  I have more pictures below

I was honestly surprised that the kids liked the flavor since they’re unfamiliar with honey dijon.  They kept asking me for more!  I willingly obliged as they are picky eaters, so you can just imagine how happy and excited I was watching them eat spoonfuls of the Honey Dijon Babys!  I was honestly expecting the worst, that they won’t like the flavor – but boy was I happily surprised that they liked it!  Woohooo! Catch Honey Dijon Babys for a limited time (until January 8, 2019)  at a Racks branch nearest you! Half Slab is of the Honey Dijon is P595 while the whole slab of Honey Dijon is P995 These are the other dishes that we ordered:

Everything was good!


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