NeilMed Sinugator for Sinus & Sipon

A few years ago, I discovered the NetiPot because of my severe allergies.  It has helped me since then.  I would use it when I’m not lazy, it takes a bit of time and effort since I need to put in distilled water + saline granules.  Then tilt my head accordingly to pour the solution from one nostril.  It was exciting for the first few weeks.  Then when I ran out of the saline granules pack, well – I stopped and forgot about it for a while, a really long while. This year, when my in laws came back from Singapore – they sent this to us.

It’s a different kind of a netipot. When I received this (it was in a box) I took it out of the box and assembled it.  It came in disassembled – there’s an instruction book for you to know which part goes where and etc.  Also, it has three pieces of Double A batteries that came with it.  I had to figure out where to put the batteries and when I did – the image above is what it looks like. Next, I read the instructions on how to use it.  Unlike the netipot that I have, you didn’t need to tilt your head for gravity to do it’s job.  It has a electric pump (somewhere inside the body of the gadget) that functions when you press the blue button.  You can press it in bursts or press it continuously – depending on what you prefer.  I asked my Panget to buy the saline packs from Amazon and it arrived a few months ago. I honestly did not have the courage to try it until a few weeks ago.  And man, did I regret not trying it earlier.  It was sooooo effective in clearing the sinus!  I have been sick since the holidays and now it’s getting a bit worse, so I would do this every night and it helps me sleep and breath.

You will need to use a saline solution.  Trust me.  I tried it without mixing the saline granules and man was it painful on the nose!  Hahaha..  So make sure to distilled water with saline solution  when you do the nasal irritation.  I just hope that I won’t soon run out of the saline packets.  Crossing my fingers!

Here is Connor demonstrating how to use it. Just put it on your nostril, press the button and voila!  Nasal passages are clean!  Make sure that you do this with a basin on hand or in front of the sink.  You don’t want your snot on the floor and everywhere. I don’t think this product is being sold here.  So if you have the chance to buy it abroad – PLEASE DO BUY THIS as this is a really helpful gadget.  Just don’t forget to buy extra saline packets!!


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