U-Go App: U-Go places!

Another app you say. Well, it’s 100% Pinoy.  One of the things that is attractive to it is that it’s made by Filipinos for the Filipino.  You may say, it’s just another app.  Well, it is another app.  Another choice for us Pinoys who ride share.

You ask, what’s so great about the app?  Well for me, the best thing is that it has an SOS function for both the rider and the partner.  With one touch of a button – your latest ping location will be sent to the nearest PNP station and they will and can be of help to you. Another plus is that it only gets 10% commission from the partners as opposed to the 25% commission that Uber and Grab get from their partners. Another, another plus?  You don’t need to have data service to get a U-Go transport.  You can just send a text message to book a ride.  Convenient right? Yes, it’s ride sharing for EVERY JUAN! Can’t wait to see it launch fully in the next few months!


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