Cooking with Grande Rice Bran Oil!

One thing is for sure.  That food definitely tastes better – fried.  Well, this is a sure thing for me as I loooooooove fried food.  But not all cooking oils are created equal.  Some are good, some are better than the others and some are just plain bad.

In our drive to search for the healthiest type of oil – the people behind Grandiose Marketing has found us an alternative – Grande Rice Bran Oil.  But what is Rice Bran Oil?  Why haven’t we heard of it as much as the most famous Olive Oil?  Well, it’s the East’s olive oil!

Personally, during the intimate product launch – I was impressed to because Rice Bran Oil does not leave any aftertaste in the food.  Rice Bran Oil even enhances the taste of the dishes prepared by the very cute Chef Miko Aspiras.  Chef Miko Aspiras prepared three (3) dishes for us that day – one appetizer, one main course, and a dessert.

During the cooking demo, I was half expecting to – you know *to come out of the event smelling oily* since it was an open kitchen.  But guess what – I didn’t, we all didn’t!  Isn’t that magical?  It is.  

The next morning, I told Yaya Belen to start using the Grande Rice Bran Oil for all the cooking at home.  She immediately put it to the test by making me my favorite – french fries.  The kids loved it, I did too!  The french fries looked cleaner and neater – something that amazed Yaya Belen. 

One thing I really really dislike is the smell of fish being fried.  I can’t explain why, but I really really don’t like it.  I especially hate it when I can smell it inside our bedroom.  I have always always told the helpers that if they will be frying fish – to make sure that all the doors are closed and all the exhaust fans to be open, so as to avoid the smell traveling and staying inside the house.  One day, on my way out of the house, I noticed that Yaya Belen was frying something.  At the corney of my eye, I saw – fish?  I wasn’t sure – I even did a double take – and it was!  I was so surprised to see that she was deep frying bangus!  I then asked her, what cooking oil she used, she replied that it was the Grande Rice Bran Oil – and you know what – there was NO FISHY SMELL!  I was very impressed, very very impressed! The house did not reek of any fish smell throughout the day, as any brand would. Tried the Grande Rice Bran Oil in cooking my Clam pasta.  Tasted wonderful and clean!

Try it to believe.  The 1Liter costs P185.00 and the 2Liters costs P365.00 – definitely cheaper than Olive Oil – and without the aftertaste!  Click this link to know more about Grande Rice Bran Oil.


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