NEW South Triangle Quezon City Traffic Scheme

I pass along these areas every single day.  I read it just now and I’m still confused on where to pass.  Traffic is getting crazier – I just hope this scheme will HELP everyone. I feel though, one of the most important thing that these traffic dudes need to do it to CLEAR ALL PARKED CARS ON THE STREET!  These parked cars CAUSE traffic.  Instead of the road being free for moving cars to maneuver, we get stuck because of these illegally parked cars.  ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Starting tomorrow, September 15, 2016. Be forewarned!! Good luck to all of us!!

I got the infographic from GMAnews and

Under the new traffic plan, there will be NO RIGHT TURN to the following streets:

  • E. Lopez Street corner Samar Avenue and Tomas Morato
  • GMA Network Drive corner EDSA and Samar Avenue
  • Mother Ignacia corner Edsa,  Scout Borromeo and Sgt. Esguerra
  • Panay Avenue corner Dr. Garcia St., Roces, Scout Albano, Scout Borromeo, Scout Chuatoco, Scout Magbanua, Scout Reyes and Timog
  • Scout Albano corner Quezon Avenue
  • Scout Bayoran corner Sgt. Esguerra, Sgt. Tuazon
  • Scout Madriñan corner Scout Tobias, Scout Ybardolaza and Tomas Morato
  • Scout Ybardolaza corner Sgt. Esguerra
  • Sgt. Esguerra corner E. Lopez, Panay Avenue, Scout Borromeo and Timog

Meanwhile, there will NO LEFT TURN to the following streets:

  • E. Lopez corner Sgt. Esguerra
  • Mother Ignacia corner E. Lopez, Samar Avenue, Scout Borromeo, Scout Madriñan, Scout Tobias and St. Esguerra
  • Panay Avenue corner Dr. Garcia St., Roces Avenue, Scout Borromeo, Scout Chuatoco, Scout Magbanua, Scout Reyes, Scout Santiago, Sgt. Esguerra and Timog Avenue
  • Scout Albano corner Panay Avenue
  • Scout Bayoran corner Timog
  • Scout Madriñan corner Scout Torillo and Scout Tuazon
  • Sgt. Esguerra corner Mother Ignacia, Scout Bayoran, Scout Borromeo, Scout Ybardolza and Timog

Meanwhile, roads declared as no entry are Scout Tobias coming from Scout Borromeo and Sgt. Esguerra coming from 11th Jamboree.


I personally called MMDA 136 and they HAVE NO IDEA ON THIS NEW TRAFFIC SCHEME.  Operator A21 said that they’re only in charge of SINGAGES – but when I asked what signs are on which roads, THEY DON’T HAVE A CLUE!  Operator A21 said for me to call 922-3227 but this number is NOT the DPOS, the DPOS transferred buildings and as of the moment, THEY DO NOT HAVE ACTIVE LANDLINES!  My golly jeez – #OnlyInThePhilippines.  I gave up because no one can give me a clear answer.

A massive good luck to all of us!!  


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