#OTWOLDiaries: the GLOW of Happiness

They say, when you’re happy it shows.  Being happy rubs off on people around you.  The positivity is contagious.  The aura is different.  It shows.  It’s OBVIOUS.  There’s a glow – *blooming* as they say. For the past few weeks, we fans have been served with happy & sad episodes.  We’ve been giving a mix to make us laugh and cry at the same time.  I have a friend who said that she found the episodes a bit dull already.  Well, to be fair – the start of the teleserye, it was *comedic* and light.  As the teleserye progressed – they added *drama* to the mix.  I personally thought that while Clark and Leah were in the US – the characters they interacted with were less, there were just a few people and so the scenes there (in the US) was focused on just a few people more specifically – just Clark and Leah!

But as the episodes added up and storyline deepened – new characters, new situations, new issues, and new problems came out – these are just a few things to spice up the story.  And that’s what we got. Last night episode was a happy one.  I couldn’t STOP smiling.  I really couldn’t!  Even during commercial, I was still smiling silly!  Hahaha.  Connor and Kailee caught me smiling and they asked me why!  Haha..  A happy episode is contagious.  When Panget saw me – he SMILED!  Remember I complained that he never smiles at me?  Hahaha!  At least, there’s one good thing that came out of last night episodes diba? Leah finally let go of her fear (well, for the most part) and decided to embrace the love she has been denying all this time.  THIS IS WHAT EVERYONE WAS WAITING FOR.  Because for the longest time (well, quite long for us fans) it has just been a one way street.  It was only Clark that was showing us, proving to us that his love is real.  I’m sure in the next episodes we will be seeing more *kilig* scenes from Leah. Nadine Lustre looks different when she’s happy and smiley.  She becomes prettier and her glow is fabulous!  The scene pops out because of her glow.  She seems to be able to deliver lines with more ease and finesse and her acting is effortless when she’s happy.  I find her very cute when she makes her *dilat* mata reaction – makes me super *kilig!* and I can’t explain why.  Hahaha!! 🙂 I feel so in love when I see them do those cheezy scenes.  They’re SUPER cheezy BUT I’m hooked.  BENTA.  I’m sure my old Didi-self would roll her eyes when she hears those cheezy lines and see those cheezy scenes – but right now, I don’t care.  It’s those cheezy lines and scenes that make me smile all night long.  I’m somehow changed when I started watching On the Wings of Love #OTWOL. It’s something noh?  When you see people in love in front of you?  It’s like they’re living out what we have in our minds and hearts.  That’s why I’m thankful for their team up.  Even if it’s made up – they make us believe at LOVE can happen. I’m sure there are a LOT of fans who would want them to end up together.  I secretly want them to BUT what’s stopping me is that – if things go south in their relationship, then we won’t have any #JaDine to gush after.  So, sige – FRIENDS lang kayo ha.  Make us more *kilig* than we already are. I hope to see more of those scenes – because the fans are smiling more, their aura & positivity is contagious.  We need more feelings like that in this world.  We need to share the contagious GLOW of happiness all around!  Hahaha.. Thank you #OTWOL, thank you for the superb *acting* (acting nalang ba?!) #JaDine and the scriptwriters and directors and the whole crew! Oh, by the way – have you seen the blooper reels?  My gosh, they’re so fun to watch!  I feel more kilig watching it than the episodes!  hahaha… PLEASE watch it, nakakatanggal pagod!  Hahaha!!! I found this video on Youtube.  Look at how cute Nadine is..

Kilig na Kilig diba??


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