That Thing Called Tadhana

I have admitted time and time again that I like Pinoy movies. But I am choosy in picking which flick to watch. There are certain actors/actresses that I like and dislike on screen.  So that pretty much sums up what I choose to watch. For the past weeks and months, I have been seeing posters of the movie *That thing called Tadhana*

I’ve been wanting to watch it BUT I don’t have anyone to watch it with. Nope, my Panget refuses to watch with me – and I respect that. So along comes this Facebook thread – an online friend apparently has a copy and is able to *drop* it for me. I have it in less than an hour. WONDERFUL! And so I watched it. So, where do broken hearts go? I don’t know. But I remember – the heartbreak that I felt years ago.  I was broken.  I was shocked.  I was hurt.  I was depressed.  I cut my hair.  I made a change.  They said it was the best revenge.  Was it?  Well, I don’t know.  I guess, I was able to move on.  I enjoyed my *single-ness*.  I met a few fellows – liked them, but I guess – they weren’t really for me.  And then I vowed to myself that I would stop looking for the one. Then I meet, my Panget. It was true what they say – that when you stop looking, *he* comes along. What made me fall in love with him?  I think I wrote about it before – he reads books.  All kinds of books.  But what was the *benta* moment?  Well, he made me read Erich Segal’s *Love Story*.  I’ve never read it but I did.  So that made me think – why, not?!  Hahaha.. And the rest they say is history. But what made me really want to watch the movie was the reason that the two characters travelled to Sagada.  Well, Sagada has a special place in my heart because – it was where Panget proposed.  Hahaha!! Back to the movie. I have to say this – Angelica is not someone I really like to watch on screen but she’s very likeable in this movie.  She’s not OA but was actually very natural.  JM de Guzman – I have been a fan of – but only in movies, ha.  He’s been a supporting role – but he always, always makes me laugh.  He has the talent – kulang lang sa *push* ng network. So I felt the sincerity of the movie.  It was very simple and realistic.  I really enjoyed their conversations – especially the *hiritan* portion.  It was so natural and so real.  I mean, I know that it’s *reel* but they acted very naturally that it shows the *real* scene and emotion that the script wanted to put forth. My eyes watered when the reached they mountain.  When Mace was screaming out her anger, her pain and frustration.  RAMDAM KO yung sakit niya – I felt the pain and I felt the release, it was intense for me to say the least.  I was crying – I knew what that felt like.  I’ve so wanted to do that before – but wala eh.  I think I understood what she felt that moment, the heaviness and the burden of the hurt.  And Anthony just stood there – just waiting for her to finish.  Haaaa… here we go again with the *ideal man*.  He just watched her and let her be. I think most everyone would have wanted to get away after a break-up.  Sort of like to get away and escape the situation, for a moment  No, it’s not being afraid and escaping – but is more of re-grouping and figuring out what to do next and healing.  A lot of people think that getting away is a waste of time -but honestly – I believe it helps.  Being away from everything gives you room to think, it gives you space – it frees you from things familiar, it gives you perspective.  It makes you be able to breathe and think without distractions. The movie gives us a glimpse of how certain people respond to break-ups. I agree – it’s really a HUGOT movie.. But man, I super felt that I was tricked because the ending was open ended. Hahahahaha!!! But kudos to the script writer and the director.


  1. L

    I'm sure relate ako dito kasi medyo epicness din ang heartbreak ko!

    Relate ako dyan sa screaming on top of the mountain chorla. Ang sakit e. Physical ung pain.

    I have the file na of the movie but I want to make a party out of it. I usually force my guests to watch. I also made them watch One Last Chance! One time I made my expat friends watch my amnesia girl, dumugo brains nila sa ka cornihan.

  2. Didi

    You're the cutest L!! You want to make a party out of it pa!! Sama ako pwede? Haha!! 🙂 I love it na dumugo ang brans sa ca cornihan! hahaha..

    I agree on the physical pain. It was really painful sa heart! It was only then that I realized why it was called heartache!!!!

  3. L

    Join ka para Makita mo reaction ni mark ong at dexter.

  4. michymichymoo

    I super love this movie, pero parang nabitin yata ako. hehehe. 🙂 Ang ganda nya, I'm really glad it got the attention it deserves.

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