We aim to please: the movie version+ Bluray Unrated release

Update:  03/25/2015 – and I was just talking about the uncut version.  The official DVD will be released in May 2015 – Digital copies on May 1 and BluRay ones on May 8!! Sneak peak?  Scroll to the end of the post!! ——- So last weekend, I finally got a copy of the movie Fifty Shades of Grey.  Nope, not a blurry copy.  It was a clear copy – when you view it on the laptop.  Hooked it up on the TV and it was okay – not the HD copy that I’m used to.  There were was no blurring on the *sensitive* parts of the movie.  Well, it was an *uncut* copy, so….

Was it just me?  But, I found the movie rushed.  But I guess 2 hours wasn’t really enough to cover the whole book.  I felt bad for the movie though, because it could have been much more!  I wish though that there was more of the *talking* than the sex.  But that’s just me.  Hahaha!!  Am I KJ?  I guess so.  The book was filled with dialogue exchange that made me *kilig*.  Of course, you know how real men are – they’re not very talkative or expressive of their feelings, so the book was a bit out there making us women swoon because Christian Grey emails and texts – lengthily.  Hahaha!! Most people who saw the movie found that there was no chemistry between the actors who played Christian and Anastasia – but I beg to differ.  I think they were perfect for the role and made the characters come alive.  My Panget commented that Dakota was not very pretty, well she is pretty – but she looked lost in some scenes, and that she looked weird at times.  I told Panget that, that was the character of Anastasia, she’s supposed to be awkward – look it at times and feel it at times.  But you’ll see in the movie how her character developed.  She became prettier and desirable.  As for Jamie Dornan – I remember him from Once Upon A time – all scruffy looking with his beard – and in the movie, he was clean shaven.  There were some scenes that you can see the hair growth – it was nice.  He looked really good.  I think he was skinny in Once Upon a Time – here he was buffed.  Okay, I’ll admit – he looked hot.  There I said it!  Hahaha..  I liked seeing them on screen together – bagay. Everyone assumed that the movie was going to be very steamy.  And it was (since I saw the uncut version) – it was all about their sexual relationship – well the book was also like that.  But as I said – I would have preferred more dialogue – more of the exchange more of the *I miss that smart mouth* but instead it was very visual, but I guess – since it’s the movie – everything needs to be graphic.  To be honest, I found their sex scenes to be exaggerated.  Be honest!  Hahaha – it was to turn us all on.  But I had to wince at times especially scenes in the playroom.  My Panget saw the ice cube part and declared *Nakita ko na yan!  Merong ganyan sa 9-1/2 weeks!*  It made me think – what was 9-1/2 weeks?  I had to google it.  Well, it was a steamy movie that was released in 1986 – and it was of the same nature – very sexual.  For short – it was the Fifty Shades of Grey during his time.  Hahahaha!!  So for him, what he was seeing wasn’t very new, I mean the idea wasn’t very new. Whenever Anastasia was in the playroom – I felt sorry for her!  I felt sorry for Dakota Johnson because she had to be spanked, whipped and tied!  I felt sorry for her.  After seeing those scenes, I knew why Melanie Griffith wasn’t interested to see the movie – who would want to see their daughter that way.  I found Dakota too thin too.  I wish though that her boobs were bigger – to which my Panget countered *Di bale, sexy naman!*  Men.  Hahaha!!  I admire though, that she was very cool, collected and brave to have stripped down for the cameras – for Jamie Dornan! Sooooo, what were the parts that I liked?  Here they are, in no particular order: –  The Christia Grey closet!  I looks like a store!  Hahaha…  So organized!!!  BUT but but, parang wala namang may ganyang ka-orgnanized na closet!  hahaha… –  The Plum dress – it was very pretty!  I wish she wore that dress instead of the pink haltered one.  Hahaha!!  She looked so sophisticated that I wanted to see more of her wearing that dress.  (In the book I think she wore it a couple of times!)  Her whole look was fantastic and the heels!  She looked perfect!  (I realized that when you wear heels – iba ang dating eh..) –  The Charlie Tango scene.  OMG – I told my Panget – who wouldn’t fall for a guy who drives a helicopter and flies you to his place??  The song choice too was a winner too!  I didn’t know what the song was and what the effect was – but whoever picked that particular song to match the scene – you deserve a double thumbs up!  There was this expression on his face when Mr. Grey was asked by Ana *You’re flying this?* – his expression was WINNER!!  Then when he was talking to the tower – his tongue makes this twirl – OMG, hoooottttt..  This particular scene made me smile from ear to ear. –  The day after the vomit scene.  When Christian enters the suite all sweaty and then he takes his shirt off.  Winner.  I asked my Panget why guys take off their shirts that way – he said *It’s the easiest way!* – Okay.  Hahaha!!  And before he takes off his shirt, he hands Anastasia some bread and then before that when Anastasia asks where he slept – and he pointed where.  The expression on his face. –  *Because I’m fifty shades of fucked up* scene.  Ahhhh, I loved that so much!  I can’t explain it but I was so kilig with that scene and that particular line.  Hahaha!! (hence the picture above) –  *Christian, I can’t walk that fast in these heels!*  and then Christian carries her across his shoulder and spanks her.  It was cute – I found it really funny.  Weird ba? –  Opening scene of Christian Grey on a run with a hoodie.  Hahaha!! Very mysterious!  Hihi.. I found some scenes a bit lost or bitin – especially when Anastasia was trying to be funny and cute.  It lacked building up?  I don’t know.  I was hoping that Jamie Dornan would dance, but I guess – God is fair, he looks good but in the dancing department – nah.. Obviously – the movie was *bitin* – the same as the book.  Hahahaha!!  So I’m assuming the sequel will be released on Valentines day next year.  Hahahahaha!! Also, I found all of the secondary characters to be flat.  Sayang though.  Hahaha!!  Elliot looked too rugged and dirty in my opinion.  Mia was only on screen for like 5minutes?  Hahaha!!  I adore Marcia Gay Harden – and would have wished she had more scenes with Christian Grey and Anastasia.  Taylor – he was the dakilang extra! Panget would look at me from time to time while watching the movie.  He asked me why I was smiling.  I told him *Kilig eh!*  Hahaha.. Here is the *teaser* of the DVD release.

Confession – when I’m bored, I watch the movie – again and again.  Hahahaha!!


  1. Nicole P.

    I also saw the uncut version, and I have to admit, she kinda looked a tad too thin.. but the spanking and the whips and cuffs kinda made me feel turned on. or maybe it was just my experimental side showing? nonetheless I appreciated the movie more when it was not blurry and such. parang indie film lang, mas may dating and it tells more to the story kapag walang cuts and blurs 🙂

  2. Didi

    Hi Nicole! I appreciate your honesty. I've been reading posts on it saying it was bad and etc. Well, it's *entertainment*! Hahaha.. When I was told that there were blurs and cuts – I was sure that I wanted to wait for the uncut version. I'm sure the difference was huge!

    I am now excited for the DVD release kasi for sure there will be *deleted scenes* diba? And the cast interview – I'm very interested in those. Hahaha!! I remember watching The Godfather with commentary and it was so different – made me look at the movie differently!!

    But overall, I enjoyed the movie. I watched it again but fast forwarded the steamy scenes. Hahaha!! Hindi ko matiis pumikit – my Panget asks me nga why I even close my eyes – well, hindi ako sanay seeing it very graphic! Hahaha..

    Thanks for commenting and dropping by!

    Love, Didi

  3. Nicole P.

    yup! I too am waiting for the DVD release na, cause I'm excited bout the deleted scenes too.. me and pichi appreciated the cinematography ng movie rin, and would you believe na yung pichi ko actually said that it has a great story underneath. #boysaredeep rin pala :3

  4. Anonymous

    ma watch nga ulit baka pag wala ng blur, bongangbelles na.


  5. michymichymoo

    Hindi pa ko nanonood, as in! hahaha! 🙂

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