DIDIscoveries: Grandma’s Secret GOO REMOVER

Last Christmas, Tin gifted me with this –  Grandma’s Secret Goo Remover.

I used it immediately during the holidays when I was wrapping up gifts.  I was so happy because I was able to take out the sticky goo caused by sticker price tags.  It was so easy, all I had to do was spray it on and wipe it away.  Yes, it was that easy!  I used to labor rubbing out the sticky goo using paint thinner, gas and baby oil!  These products left a bad smell and would even have *oil* marks!  Horrors!! I loved this product because unlike thinner, gas and baby oil –   it smelled citrusy, PLUS – it wasn’t very oily.  I was not worried that the book/item would have an oil stain nor be smelly.  There are other uses too – it can remove Gum, Glue, Oil, Adhesive (what I used), Crayon and Candle wax.

I decided to put it to the test.  The kids’ toy room has this green table.  It has since then been stained with crayon marks, pentel pen marks and colored pencils.  My yayas told me that they were unable to take out the stains.  I taught them so many techniques but it has all failed.  I even went as far as cleaning it myelf – but the stains were still there.  It was hopeless – whenever I saw the table up close, I felt disappointed because it was *dirty* in my standards.  I have since then accepted that it would never be clean again (the way I wanted it to).  It was only last Saturday that I remembered that I could try to use Grandma’s Goo Remover on it. And I did. Look at what happened!  You need to see the video to believe.

Amazing right? WOW.  Now I have a secret weapon for the stains at home.  This is a wonderful product! Now, I need to do the walls.  Hahaha!! Grandma’s Goo Remover is available at the following stores: Sesou Nature Source Baby & Beyond Babyland The Souq Organics Chonese Davao Modern Mama Nurture Book Mommy’s Little Boss


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