Globe VS Smart VS DIDI

Yes, I DISLIKE them both.  Globe Telecom and Smart Communications.

Last Tuesday, I was contemplating – should I subscribe to a 5day unli data with Globe Telecom or use my pocket wifi and subscribe to Smart’s 5day unli data.  It was a tough decision.  I had to weigh the pros and cons – and then I eventually realized that if I subscribed with my home network, that it would mean that I won’t need to lug around an extra device and extra power bank.  So I opted to go with Globe Telecom, my home network.
Registration was supposed to be easy.  I easily subscribed to their unli data and I’ve done it a dozen times!  It was so easy – I just had to punch in *143# and follow the instructions, and I did.  But then I received a text message saying that the Supersurf 200 I was trying to avail wasn’t available in my subscription.  Now, how the hell was that possible?  I tried again and yet I received the same text.  I immediately turned to twitter as Globe Twitter agents respond faster – but they too weren’t able to determine why I got that message.  I was desperate and so I went on to use the chat with an agent online, and I was told that I was subscribed to a PowerSurf 99 (50MB) and so I CANNOT combine a powersurf and a supersurf.  Silly right?  So I checked my subscription – I knew that I had successfully subscribed to a 1 day unli supersurf, and I checked it – the date was January 24, 2014.  Here are images of the error messages and successful registration:

FYI:  This PowerSurf PV99 is just a freebie combo that I got for my plan.

I had to tell them this because if it wasn’t possible, then how come I was able to subscribe to it last November 2013 and January 2014, right?  But even if I told them – the live chat agent and the Twitter agent – well, they were stumped.  Yes, I get no more replies after I tell them that I successfully subscribed to a 1day SuperSurf.  Until now, there are no follow-up replies.  Did I successfully stump them?  I’m also confused, really.  I was told that OF COURSE if you’re subscribed to the per MB charge for data, you CANNOT and WILL NOT be able to subscribe to the Supersurf.  Apparently, we CANNOT COMBINE a powersurf and a supersurf.  Now, why weren’t we informed?  Better yet – why was I able to combine them if it wasn’t possible?  Was it magic?  Tsk.. Tsk..

This situation forced me to subscribe to Smart’s 5-day Unli date which was also P200.00.  Since I have a Smart prepaid sim (I maintain a load) and so I bought a Smart Broadband sim and I used it in my pocket wifi.  This pocket wifi device I have used in Singapore and was so happy with it!  Maybe because the signal in Singapore is stable compared to here in Manila.  I used a Sun, Smart and Globe broadband sims in my pocket wifi and I get crappy signals – but hey, what can I do right?

I was honestly expecting very good signal from Smart.  As we all know, they are the LARGEST network in the country, plus, I know for a fact that they very strong in the provinces.  So, I assumed that even in Subic, their signal will be strong.  Well – I was wrong.

Wrong because even if the signal is strong (full bar signals) I was unable to connect to the internet.  There were times that I would be able to connect but the speed was mediocre.  Here is a screen capture that I got from my iPhone.  It’s so laughable – seriously.

So there, when I was at our place in Subic – the signal bars were full.  I can successfully send text messages and make calls via my Smart prepaid number, but I was unable to connect to the internet.  The light was green – yet, no connection whatsoever.  I complained on this last Wednesday April 16, and then again on the 17th and then again on the 18th. I got the reference number 527723231, but during my follow ups – gosh, the agent told me that there was nothing he can do because there were no signal interruptions in my area.  I was pissed!  I mean, hello – I paid P200.00 for a 5-day unlimited date subscription BUT I was able to browse at all!  Don’t I have the right to complain?  Well, apparently to that agent, I didn’t have any right to because there is signal.  I had to tell him repeatedly that I agree that the signal bars are full BUT I am unable to broswe or connect – ahhhhh.. FRUSTRATING!!  The agent just told me to complain when the subscription is finished.

So, in conclusion – THERE IS REALLY NO BETTER NETWORK!  They’re both the same.  They’re both crappy!  Sorry friends working in the network – but seriously, PUT yourselves in our shoes!!

But since I live in the Philippines, I NEED to take in their crap.

Goodness!!  Goodness talaga…


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