Update: Oh, you’re DIRTY Maynilad!

So yesterday, we were visited by Romy of Maynilad – and he told us that it was IMPOSSIBLE that the debris came from their water pipes because the water meters have a strainer in them.  I then told him that I wanted to see the strainer – but he didn’t have the tools to show me.  So he said he will come back today so that he can schedule a visit together with his technical people.

And so at exactly 9:00am today – he knocked on our door and there were 3 Maynilad uniformed people with him.  They then proceeded to take out the meter to show me the strainer.  My there were a LOT of water, a LOT – and they had to turn a certain knob to stop the flow.  They unscrewed the meter and proudly showed me the meter’s strainer:

Yes, the meter did have a strainer – but can you see how big the holes were?  I mean, sure – it can trap BIG debris, but what about sand?  The refuted this telling me that it was impossible that the debris came from them.  I then showed them the debris (good thing I kept it!).  They still refused to admit – it was really impossible, they said.  And so, I challenged them – I told them that we can try to pour the debris on the strainer and see if it passes through the strainer.  They then suddenly agreed with me, but the upon seeing the plastic debris – they immediately declared that the plastic didn’t come from them.  I had to agree because truly, plastic won’t be able to go through that strainer.

So, what came out of this whole thing?  Nothing concrete really.  Maynilad still says that their water is clean and the problem is really with our pipes.  Their solution was just to flush the water out.  Its quite stupid really because even if they flushed the water out – it doesn’t mean that ALL THE DEBRIS will come out, right?  Its just a momentary solution to a problem.

I have to admit – I am impressed that they were able to address the problem within just a few days from my post (and sending them a direct email).


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