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 My Panget’s brother has been raving about this burger place near their office in Kamuning.  He’s been telling me about it since last year – that it was really good and the price was not so bad.  So finally, last night – we got to try it! 

And I have to say – I am impressed.

Anyone who knows me, KNOW that I love The Godfather – both the book and the movie.  The picture frames hanging on the wall were taking me back to my ‘love’.  I knew each scene and every character!  I loved reading the menu – from cover to cover!  Hahaha..  So you can say that the ambiance and the menu were a plus for me.

I got the roast beef sandwich and it was really really good.  The beef was tender and there were not ‘ugat’ which I liked because you can bite into the sandwich easily and not have a hard time cutting into the meat and bread!  My Panget got the wise guy burger and it was also good!  The burger patty was quite packed and I thought it might be tough – but it wasn’t!   It was so flavorful – I cannot emphasize enough how good that particular burger was, but man – am I craving for one NOW! 

The servings were sufficient – I was half expecting the servings to be measly – but was delighted to see that they were quite big!  Their iced tea was too sweet for my taste though.  I think I may frequent this place for burgers.  I was told to try the steak – but I wasn’t in the mood for one, maybe next time!

Good recommendation my Panget’s brother!!

GoodFellas FB Page


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