1. Cheftonio

    how to get those? my mom would LOVE 'em! Mom is such a hardcore Coke fan!

  2. kitten

    Oh, nice, I got my fifa glass pero from mcdo. ang cute naman ng container nung sa yo. 🙂

  3. clementine

    where did you get those? i love the packaging! my husband and i are such football addicts =)

  4. Didi

    Hiya Cheftonio – I got them from Coke & Starcom! Lucky lucky me!

    Hi Kitten! The box was soooo nice! I wanted to keep the glasses in the box, but HAD to take them out! Hihi..

    Hello Clementine – they're available in McDonalds, I got them from Starcom Media.

    Hey Iya! Go get na!!

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