Nihonbashitei – Malate

I have finally tasted the BEST gyoza!!


My Panget and I found it on NIHONBASHI TEI in Malate.

The place looks fairly new and authentic. Why do I say authentic? Well, because there were a lot of Japanese diners!! They were coming in one after another – thus my Panget and I became curious! What kind of fare did they serve? We both hoped that it was authentic and very good! We were crossing our fingers, this place was recommended by my Panget’s sister’s boyfriend – Boggs.

Upon entering, we were greeted by charming servers – they greeted us in unison. The place looked clean and very organized with servers positioned strategically on the floor – perhaps, to look at the needs of their clients.

We were given a complimentary sidedish type of appetizer. It was squid with chili – and it tasted very very good! I was amazed, to be honest – because I don’t fancy squid that is not fried! Hahaha.. But this tasted very good. The spices were mixed just perfect!

Server said this is called KOBAJI

These are what we ordered:

California Maki (Php200.00)

I was honestly skeptical – I mean Php200.00 for 6 pieces, I have to say – I was expecting this to be good (for the price). And indeed it was!! The maki tasted very fresh – the seaweed crispy and the the toppings – just right.

Ebi Tempura (P200.00)

We were not shortchanged. The prawns used were huge! You know its huge because when you bite into the Tempura – you can feel the ‘crunch’ Another fresh dish! And even if it was just _ pieces – the price was well worth it!

US Beef Sukiyaki (P470.00)

This has got to be the most expensive dish on the table, and the most expensive sukiyaki I’ve ever ordered in my entire life! It serves only one – yes, just for one person. And for my Panget – I think it was just for him – no room for sharing any to me!! But he did – one bowl, hahaha!! I was grateful – the soup tasted so yummy that I wanted to get seconds – but I stopped, I knew my Panget was loving the dish – so, I’ll sacrifice, he is my husband now right? Hahaha!!

Gyoza (P150.00)

Truly the BEST gyoza I’ve ever tasted! It literally melts in your mouth! And the sauce – the sauce, WOW! It made the gyoza taste more amazing! The spicy sauce brought another yummy flavor of the gyoza!

This dinner has got to be the BEST Japanese dinner my Panget and I have had in a long loooong time.

Nihonbashitei – Malate
Adriatico Street, Malate Manila
(near Starbucks)


  1. princess_dyanie

    the prawns look huge nga! waaah! i wanna try the gyoza! 😛

  2. Jen Tan

    didi…mukang ang sarap dito!!! must try soon! the best gyoza i have ever tasted was at Hanakazu in BF Paranaque pa…pero mas mahal …but theirs was dilicate and delicious …sana mahanap namin ito! malate pa naman hehehee ;P

    miss you di!

  3. Didi

    Jen! Masarap siya!! VEry very delicate, but the taste is WOW! Impressed ako, super!!

    Miss you too dear!! 🙂

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