Star Trek & JJ Abrams

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I have said this time and time again – and still, I say it now – JJ ABRAMS IS BRILLIANT!!

I am HUGE HUGE fan of JJ Abrams, from Felicity till now!!! 🙂

I get excited whenever I hear or read of his project – I am SURE to catch the, and I am also SURE to enjoy them!! 🙂

The cast worked well together, I especially loved the comic relief!! 🙂

Star Trek is such a delight to see!! Panget and I are contemplating of watching it again!! Tara??

Chris Pine and Sylar did an amaaaaaaaaaaaazing job!! 🙂

I used to think that Star Trek was for nerds or geeks – and now, after watching – I think I am an official Trekkie!!!

Looooooooooooooved the movie!! (found it even better than Wolverine!!)

JJ Abrams – you’re the BOMB!!


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