Big Mama’s

I am such a big fan of fried chicken! Why? Well, since I don’t eat pork and beef – this is only one of the 2 things on the menu for me! 🙂 Hahaha…

My ultimate favorite chickens are as follows:
1. Chicken Joy – Jollibee
I so love the crispyliciousness and juicy-liciousness! Langhap saraaaaaaaap!

2. Original Recipe Chicken – KFC
My favorite would be the skin! It’s really finger-lickin good!

3. Country chicken’s
I love the sauce! It’s what makes the chicken yummy! The sauce! What can be the formulation?

4. S&R’s Roasted Chicken
Anyone who’s tried this will agree with me!

5. Savory’s Chicken
I just got introduced to this recently. My parents are huge fans of Savory – they retell us their Savroy stories (everytime!)

6. Andok’s, Mang Bok’s and Sr. Pedro’s (they’re NOT exactly my favorites, they’re one of those options. Hihi..)
They’re filling and flavorful. Just as long as you get the newly cooked ones! Hahahaha… 🙂

Just last Friday – my friend May May and Brian introduced us to another chicken:

Big Mama’s Fried Chicken!

the take-out box..

They said it was the best they’ve ever had. Brian even said it was better than KFC’s. Well, that got my Panget and I curious. My Panget hates chicken – mainly because their cook serves it for every meal – every day (the cook said it was per My Panget’s dad’s instructions) So when May May learned that my Panget hates chicken – she invited us over for a fried chicken dinner!!

yummy yummy chicken!!

So the verdict? Well, it was really really good! Can you imagine 8 people devouring 3 whole chicken in a span of……. 1.5 hours? Yup! We kept on munching and munching! I think they have a different marinade. But whatever it is, it’s sooooooooo good! We couldn’t get enough thus, we ordered for more! It’s also finger lick’in good (especially when they’re HOT!) May May was so happy that my Panget loved the chicken! (Because he kept on saying – I hate chicken! Hahaha!!) And last night – I ordered some for my college buddies to try – and they all LOVED it to bits too!

a closer look!

Big Mama is a Korean owned Korean restaurant that’s located at the Renaissance Plaza compound in Ortigas Center. Their fried chicken sells for Php500.00 for a whole chicken (2 sauces come with it and a plastic bottle of coke!) and Php250.00 for half a chicken. They also offer other dishes (but I didn’t bother with it anymore!) The Chapchae was so-so (The best I’ve tasted were from Ye Dang)

Big Mama Tel. 384-0456 or 706-3348


  1. Dr.Peppermint

    Oh my. My family should try this.. and it’s just in Ortigas 🙂 We love chicken so much that my mom says one of these days we will fly. My dad’s day isn’t complete without eating chicken. 🙂

    PS. I agree with the YeDang Chapchae. Yum 🙂

  2. Didi

    Hi Pepper! I highly suggest you try it.. NOW!!

  3. Patty B.

    Hahaha funny but my Mom said the same thing about me when I was growing up. Tutubuan na daw ako ng pakpak and none of them will even wonder why.

    Didi, you’ve never tried Sincerity chicken? OMG, that tops my list! But the frustrating part is…they’re in Binondo, only in Binondo. It’s super sarap and I’ve been missing it like anything!

    Big Mama’s chicken looks like Sincerity. I should take some home soon.

  4. princess_dyanie

    Wow! I love chicken! We love chicken! Andok’s is the fam fave 😛

  5. Didi

    Hi Patty! I haven’t tried Sincerity’s yet! Will ask my mom about it! Hmm.. Try it! 🙂 Go!!

    Hello princess_dyanie! Try Big Mama’s its goooood!!

  6. Didi

    Hello Daisy! There’s no good Korean reso in QC (in my opinion). Try Ye Dang! It’s along Meralco Avenue, you’ll see Koreanovela Posters outside it! Hehehe..

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