New Kids on the Block – They’re baaaaaack!!

I used to be a die-hard fan when I was younger. I loved them to death and it sort of broke my heart that they disbanded!!

I collected tapes, books, stickers, scrap books and so much more!!!

I’m so happy to hear they’re having a reunion tour!! It would be really cool hearing their songs again.. This time – Joey McIntyre’s parts would sound more manly – Hahaha! He used to have a really high pitched voice!! Hahaha…


Joey, Jon, Donnie, Jordan and Danny
Photo courtesy of Yahoo


  1. Unknown

    didi you mean NEW KIDS….not new KINDS 😛 (see your title caption)cuz if there are new kinds then they are not the original new kids 😛 gets?!

  2. Manggy

    oh. my. g-
    Hey, where’s Marky Mark?! Lol. Buti naman may ginagawa na rin si Jordan Knight.

  3. Didi

    Hi Mac! Mine is Step by Step!

    Hello JN! Sorry for the typo! You’re right, its KIDS

    Hiya Manggy! Oo nga!!

  4. Didi

    Hi Mac! Yeah, I remember him too!! He was part of the cast of Never Been Kissed! Hahaha…

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