JJ Abrams and Damon Lindelof are effing GENIUSES!!

I’ve been a fan of JJ Abrams since his Felicity days! I’ve been following his shows and movies! I absolutely love him! If I could just pick his brain for a day!!

Anyhoo, after a long hiatus from TV show watching (I’ve been kind of patient this year, waiting for the TV shows to have at least 10 epis before watching them) I finally saw 2 epis of LOST.

And the verdict?!

Man, it gets better!

Nevermind the sometimes confusing moments, it gets better!!

Can’t wait to watch the next episodes!!! Yehaaaaaaaaaa!!


  1. spanx


    … did you go shopping for dibidis or are you downloading from bittorrents?

    wait ’til you watch ep.5,
    maiiyak ka!!!

  2. Didi

    Hi Spanx! had my Panget DL it for me.. 🙂

    I’m on the 2nd epi palang! Grabe!!

  3. Unknown

    Didi, go watch some more! Once you get to the 5th episode with Desmond’s story, it will blow your brains out!

    My husband wasn’t following it as I have been but I told him to skip the first few episodes, return to them later, go straight to the 5th…and he was floored. It had some answers and yes, all that drama!

    Best episode, evaarr!

  4. Didi

    Minds! Oh my effing GOSH! It is the BEST episode ever!!

    It entitled itself with its own post! Hahaha…

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