What is your ULTIMATE FAVORITE U2 song?

A follow-up question to my U2 post….

I know there are so many – but if you had to choose just one..

What will yours be?

Mine is Stuck in a Moment.

I don’t know why – but whenever I hear this song, it literally stops me in my tracks..

I was once not a big fan of U2 – what changed it? Well, it was just recently – while watching the Tonight Show with Jay Leno – Bono did this medley of U2 songs – a capella! It was wonderful, absolutely wonderful!

Can’t wait!!

BTW – Leave a comment – share your favorite!! 🙂


  1. Ais

    My fave is with or without you..
    Napanood mo concert nila na pinalabas before sa hbo? asteeeg! I’m not really a big fan.. but hell, count me in pag natuloy concert nila dito! =)

  2. kegler747

    I love all their songs 🙂

  3. spanx

    among the newer songs,
    it has to be “in a little while”,
    from the all that you can’t leave behind album.

    something about these lyrics,
    and the “woooohoooooo” crooning of bono just kills me!

    (pero sa wedding ko, with or without you pa rin… found an MP3 of that song played by a string quartet, perfect for the walk down the aisle of the unknown mrs. spanx)

    In a little while
    Surely you’ll be back
    In a little while I’ll be there

    In a little while
    This hurt will hurt no more
    I’ll be home, love

    When the night takes a deep breath
    And the daylight has no end
    If I crawl, if I come crawling home
    WiIl you be there

    In a little while
    I will blow by every breeze
    Friday night running
    To Sunday on my knees

    That girl, that girl
    She’s mine
    And I’ve know her since

    Since you were a little girl
    With Spanish eyes
    Oh, when I saw her
    In a pram they pushed her by

    My, how you’ve grown
    Well it’s been
    It’s been a little while

    Slow down my bleeding heart
    Man dreams one day to fly
    A man takes a rocketship into the skys
    He lives on starlets dying in the night
    And follows in the trail
    The scatter of light

    Turn it on
    Turn it on
    You turn me on

    Slow down my bleeding heart
    Slowly, slowly love
    Slow down my bleeding heart
    Slowly, slowly love
    Slow down my beating heart
    Slowly, slowly love

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