Planning – Bangkok Trip Part 2

Here’s a checklist for the trip:

Accomodations – Our hotel/apartment has been booked already by my brother’s friend M. We’re staying at the Fraser Apartments in Luangsan. Click on the link and see how amazing it looks! I can’t wait already (Super giddy with excitement!!!!)

Tour – My friend W who’s been based in Bangkok said that she’ll do the booking for us – her apartment building’s conceirge arranges the best tours (daw). We’re taking the Ayuthaya Tour that is an hour bus ride up and on the way back to Bangkok – we’ll be riding a ferry – I do hope it’s an air-conditioned one!!

Itinerary – well, this part is still – non existent. It got me thinking – the first time I went to Bangkok – all we did was shop, there were no tours at all. This time, I think I’d like to see some more sights. I mean – 3 whole days in Bangkok (2 airport days) – that’s a LOT of time already, don’t you think?

I just hope that the weather is bearable. I’d have to bring my ever reliable fan again with me – to save me from the heat!!

I also just learned yesterday that October 29 – Monday was declared a non-working holiday to give way to the local Baranggay elections! Sweet! It means that – I will only be skipping 2 working days!! Yehaaaaaaaaaaa!! And when I come back – I’d still have one whole day to rest! Perfect!!!

Now, I wished that we had booked our trip on October 27 instead of the 30th!! We could have gone to Phuket! Dang it!!

Maybe next time….

BTW – Would anyone know how Bangkok celebrates Halloween?


  1. Didi

    Hi Ted! Thanks for dropping by! Enjoy your trip!! Visit the Philippines!! 🙂

  2. Ruy

    Hello there. Was just hopping around when I somehow came across your site.
    I’ve been raring to go back to Bangkok and your trip makes me so inggit. I checked out the website for Fraser Apartments and was blown away. Ganda. If its ok with you I’m interested to know how much the accomodations are there (for future reference).
    Nice blog.=)

  3. Didi

    Hi Ruy! Thanks for dropping by! I just got back and I had a blaaaast!! FRaser Apartments is really really nice! Actually, ang gandaaaaa!! Exagg ba? But seriously, we loved it! Check it out when you next go to Bangkok! 🙂

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