Seeing green..

Green Tea is the feature drink at Starbucks as of the moment. I tried their Green Tea Latte last weekend and I loved it! Yesterday afternoon – I sort of craved for it (there’s this taste in mymouth that reminded me so of that green tea latte drink) So after yoga class, I immediately went to get myself an extra hot Green Tea Latte. I can’t explain it – but I soooooooo love the taste! It’s so soothing, plus it’s so fragrant. My Panget however, doesn’t agree with me on this.. Tsk.. Tsk..

Last night, I got a text from Tammy Tan – she told me that my dress will be ready this afternoon! Yipee! You see – my dress is in Emerald – yes, emerald! I was sort of leaning towards browns and plums – but somehow, when I met Tammy – I was wearing a green top and she liked the color on me – and so we decided on a green color – emerald to be more specific.

She also asked me if she could borrow the dress after the wedding. She said she’ll use it for a shoot in an upcoming magazine made by PDI. I answered yes, of course!! I’m so excited to see the dress in the glossy! Cool right?

And so my love affair with green begins…..

Which reminds me… the green blood in me is sort of excited and nervous! I hope they win the game this time around!! 🙂 Animo La Salle!!

Tickets were so hard to come by.. Dang it!!


  1. Frances Ang

    ohhh green tea latte. me naman i love it cold so i always get an iced green tea latte w/ non fat milk (o diba? panggap pa na healthy kunyari hahaha)

    i was craving for it a while ago so after work i asked my dad if we can pass by starbucks jupiter supposedly to get some stuff for my event which i eventually forgot din and just left the store with a grande iced non-fat green tea latte. nyahahaha

  2. Didi

    I like the HOT one better.. Was able to try the ICED but felt the taste was diluted by the ice.. 🙁

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