All for Juan – Cebu Pacific

Last night – I was bombarded with text messages from 3 of my college buddies. They were all asking if I was game to go to Hong Kong via Cebu Pacific because the said airline was offering their Php1.00 fares. Since I just got out of Yoga class when I got their message – I had to collect myself first. Then after I’ve rested and bathed – I answered their text messages one by one. I have to admit – I am a very KJ (kill-joy) person – especially if I am not in the mood. And so at first I said I couldn’t confirm, but thinking it over after a few seconds – I told them I was game. I think it came as a shock to them because – they sent me 2 more text messages with different wording but asking me to confirm again.

Bottomline is – we’re definitely flying to Hong Kong on July 25-29, 2007

See you in Hong Kong!!

P.S. I found it weird that this morning – my mom told me that Cebu Pacific is offering a low fare promo. It’s written on the ad that the bookings should be made on March 2, 2007. My friends were able to avail of it last night. I know my friends and I have benefited from this but what about those who just saw the ad this morning? Isn’t that unfair to them?

Oh well – only in the Philippines!!


  1. wysgal

    Good for you! I tried booking on March 5th and they had run out of seats for Manila-Hong Kong already. =)

  2. christine

    Fun! I’m glad you’re going. I also got to book a flight for Jakarta in June. I had booked Bangkok for next weekend during the promo period prior to this one. I just love cheap fares!!! 🙂

  3. Didi

    Hi Wysgal! The international flights are the ones that runs out first! They’re really cheap kasi.

    Hi Christine! I’m super excited to go na! I know it’s still 4 months away – but I’m really excited! Have fun in Bangkok!

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