Happy Birthday!!

Last year, I was depreived of a birthday cake. Apparently, my Panget – forgot all about it. And so this year, I had to remind him to give me one. Two years ago, my Panget surprised me with a ‘Didi’ cake – I still keep the picture of it – because it was so cute, and because my Panget’s sister-in-law told me how my Panget called her every single night to make kulit not to forget to make the cake, she said my Panget gave her explicit instructions on how the cake should turn out he was so hands on with the cake! It was a super cute cake! I love that cake to bits! Here’s what it looked like:

Chef Sasa
Tel. 633.0949 / 0917.5339275

Yesterday, I was expecting a simple cake – I told my Panget that Sugar House’s Honey Cake or the good ol’reliable Hizon’s Mocha Cake will do. I was expecting any of the two – but when he got to my house – he was holding a box – I’m assuming it’s a cake. He told me that the cake is special. Hmm.. why was it special? Well, because in it was 2 flavors of cake! What’s the rationale behind the 2 flavors? Well, since I have a twin brother – my Panget thought it would be nice if there were 2 different flavors of cake in the cake! His sister-in-law obliged of course, and what came out was a really nice combination. Since we were eating at Spiral at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza, I had put it in the ref first then sample it when I get back. But I couldn’t help taking a quick look. My Panget insisted that I take a picture of the cake first – and I did. This is what it looks like:

When we got home after the delicious dinner at Spiral – I swear it has the best selection for a buffet! Too bad there were no more of the Vanilla Creme Brulee – apparently, they did not foresee that this dessert will be a favorite! As I sliced myself and my Panget a piece of the birthday cake he brought – I couldn’t help but be amazed at it and try to figure out how she made such a cake! Brilliant!!

All cakes were made by Chef Sasa, you can reach her at 633.0949 or 0917.5339275
She makes birthday cakes, wedding cakes, specialty cakes, character cakes, specialty desserts and much more!


  1. pinaygourmand

    Happy Birthday! Your cake is interesting!

  2. Didi

    Hi Pinaygourmand! Thanks! 🙂 It tastes interesting too! 🙂 Yum!!

  3. christine

    happy birthday Candishhh!!!:) Sorry I’m late. The cake does look very interesting, and it looks like something I would like. What was the name of the cake?

  4. Unknown

    Yummy cake!

    Happy Birthday! 🙂

  5. Didi

    Thanks Christine! 🙂 It’s called Blueberry Starrer. It’s really yummy!! 🙂

    Thanks Mindy! 🙂

  6. sHeYzaH

    Hi! 🙂 does she bake sugarfree cakes for diabetics?

    Love the look of the cake btw. hehe

    Belated happy birthday!

    – sheila (battarfly : GT)

  7. Didi

    Hello sis!! 🙂 I can ask her if she makes sugarfree ones. Will give you feedback asap. Thanks sis! 🙂

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