KIEHL’S for my Feet!!

My heels are suffering dryness and cracks. I’ve tried putting Petroleum Jelly on them and wearing socks when I sleep. But I remove them because in the middle of the night, my feet feels cold. So I scrapped that. Next, I tried putting lotion on my heels. Yes, the do their job – but after a few hours – they crack up and become dry again. And last night, I had a brilliant idea. I was lookng through my drawer and found some old stash (1 Pot) Keihl’s Lip Balm #1, it was quite old because the label was already different compared to the ones that I have now. I assume that since I can use Petroleum Jelly, I can also use this too! So I decided to make a go of my plan.

I LOVE KIEHL’S LIP BALM #1, I truly adore it! When people ask me what lip balm I use, I automatically say Kiehl’s! This brand was introduced to me by my good friend Kym, she gifted us with 1 pot each for Chirstmas last 1998, and since then – my bag ALWAYS has a tube or a pot. I tell people that this is THE best lip balm ever! I think it’s waaaaaaay better than Carmex. It also doubles as a lip gloss, if you’re not into lipsticks – this is THE product. 🙂 It makes your lips soft and doubles as a gloss. What I love about Kiehl’s is that when you have dry patches in your lips, after a few minutes of applying the lip balm – you can literally wipe away the dry excess (lip) skin. It makes your lips smooth and the lovely natural color shines through!

And so I got myself some Saran wrap from the kitchen, I figured – I wouldn’t want to damage my socks with the oil/petroleum. So I proceeded to put the lip balm on my heels. Then wrapped my heel with Saran wrap before putting on my socks. And this morning when I woke up, I took off my socks and then cut off the Saran wrap – my heels were super soft and the dry patches were all gone!! Wow right? My heels looked brand new, as if I never had cracks in them!

Thank you Kiehl’s!


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