Josh Duhamel – my new TV crush

Imagine speaking to him – face to face. Won’t your knees go weak instantly? Couple it with this smile, dammit! He’s so dreamy!!

This begets too much watching Las Vegas.

Dreamy huh?!


The last TV crush that I had was back in the days where That’s Entertainment was still showing. Do not ask me who – because for sure I will never disclose it!!

Just look at him smiling – well, yeah – that’s all I can think about as of the moment.

To my Panget – don’t get mad – crush lang ito ah.. Crush… 🙂


  1. Mahek

    i agree with you
    He is so cute!!!!!!
    thanks for visiting my blog
    how did you get to know about it?
    keep reading..

  2. christine

    He’s really adorable!! I just bought season 2 of Las Vegas because of him. 😀

  3. Didi

    hi mahek! thanks for visiting my blog too! the images you took are really nice!! Josh Duhamel’s really cute. *sigh*

    hi christine! i just finished the 3rd season and i can’t wait to see the 1st episode of the next season! i may have to wait longer than expected – season 4 starts 10/20 in the US!! argh… but i do hope that some kid uploads it to youtube!

  4. Mahek

    is josh a television actor?
    thanks for your praise!!!
    it feels nice to have friends from other countries read your blog and appreciate it.
    i would love to help you with an indian meal.
    i have a blogger friend who is a canadian and she prepared a whole indian meal for a party and i have a token of appreciation for her on my blog
    i really appreciate when someone tries to cook from other lands and do it successfully i know its not easy.
    i have a theme on my blog see if you can participate there is no compulsion
    keep in touch.

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